Boyfriend for Hire

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Boyfriend for Hire

How far would you go to stop your mother hounding you about never getting married or why you haven't found the right one? That is something Angelica Heart has to decide what to do and she comes up with a great idea. Hire a boyfriend but she never thought it would be the man of her dreams. Bradley Pennington is everything she would have gone for if she wasn't running a worldwide newspaper empire. She knows that he is only with her because of the $10,000 but each time he is with her Angelica starts to wonder if he's for real. Is it more than a job for him?

Bradley Pennington never thought about his brother being a good guy but this time he has to thank him big time. As a man running for Congress Bradley has had to always worry about his life yet Angelica is changing that easily. With her he doesn't care about his election just that spending time with her has made him feel alive again. He knows that once his true identity comes to light she will never forgive him. Or will she? Bradley knows that this is one time he cannot let his election rule his life. Can he make Angelica see that the whole weekend with her was not all about lies and that he was really falling in love with her?

Wow this is a first I have read of Missy Lyons and it won't be that last. The only thing that disappointed me was it was too short. There is definitely instant attraction between Bradley and Angelica. I loved that yes he was a man running during elections but he's not one to let work rule his life all the way. One look at Angelica and you can tell that she is good for him in his life. Awesome job and definitely be on the look out for more books from this author.

Book Blurb for Boyfriend for Hire

You can't buy love...Or can you? Angelica Heart didn't have time to find a boyfriend, not with running the Washington Press newspaper, but she desperately needed a man for Christmas. She had to bring a boyfriend home for the holidays or her mother would try to interfere in her love life again.

Bradley Pennington had never meant to take the job of playing her lover for Christmas. He only showed up on her doorstep to tell her that his brother, Dustin, couldn't make it and to see if she was trying to dig up any dirt on his family. A private interview with the black sheep of the family would devastate his chances of winning the election for U.S. Congress. But after meeting her, he couldn't resist her seductive invitation and finding out exactly what kind of game Angelica was playing.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00