Between the Sheets

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Between the Sheets

Okay readers get ready for a hilarious, sweet romantic book and one of the best ever created. You have two elderly people, one with Alzheimer's and another who is just feisty old, getting together in orgies, fondling and kissing. Yes that is just the first part of hilarity in this book. This is something that Emma Jamison never imagined her grandmother to be doing. Then again she never imagined that she would be labeled "The woman that made the president elect die during sex". Yep life couldn't get better for her but then that was almost months ago and she is still labeled. She knows the truth though that it wasn't her but no one believes her except a gorgeous, sexy D.A. Max Duval. Every time she gets close to caring about someone they just want her because in a way she is like an actress. What woman would want to be normal when she was the last one in bed with the president elect? She's read tabloids of people like that but never imagined she would be in the spotlight. All Emma wanted was to be normal and lead a quiet life. Can she believe in Max that he will find the real woman that was with the president elect or will she always be in the spotlight?

Max Duval is a straight-laced D.A. running for election and trying to make peace with his grandfather before it is too late. Though his grandfather has Alzheimer's Max is trying to understand why Emma's grandmother Dorothy is in bed with him and he is having orgies. Talk about a surprise for him. Another thing he is trying to understand is why he wants to set the story straight and exactly what Emma is up to. She keeps denying that she is the infamous woman in bed with the president elect and yet he believes her. He knows he has no right but he wants her more than ever seeing that in her eyes she can possibly be innocent. As a man running in the election he knows any scandal could be dangerous but all he wants is to be with Emma. Can he find out the truth and make her see that he will always be there for her no matter what the tabloids say? Can he stop his father from having more orgies and make peace with him?

Oh my god I so loved this book. Right from the first chapter it is funny until the end. I couldn't stop laughing for Emma trying so hard to have a normal life and her grandmother. Her grandmother is just so loveable and I loved that Robin created this book. It is interesting how one idea out of the blue can come into a paperback and touch a reader's heart. There are tons of funny scenes you will love from yes two elderly ladies fighting on the floor for another elderly man to Emma seeing her grandmother dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. I loved Between The Sheets and can't wait for more of Robin Wells books.

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Book Blurb for Between the Sheets

Dirty laundry can really put your life through the wringer.

The Most Notorious Woman in America

There are probably worse things than having the entire country think that you're the girl whose "services" gave the president-elect a fatal heart attack in the sack-but at the moment, Emma Jamison can't think of any. A terrible mistake has made her the face of a national scandal, leaving her with no choice but to retreat to the small town where her grandmother lives to get a fresh start.

The Straight-Arrow D.A.

Max Duval is up for election in Chartreuse, Louisiana, and he can't afford a scandal. But Emma, with her disarming smile and razor wit, is impossible to ignore-especially since his grandfather and her grandmother are starting a romantic romp of their own, and a Geraldo-wannabe is chronicling everyone's every move for the tabloids. Is Emma really as innocent as she claims? Can Max follow his heart and still win the election? Sometimes the only way to sort out the dirty laundry is to dive in.

Between the Sheets

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00