Bedrooms and Broomsticks

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Bedrooms and Broomsticks

It is Cayte's 30th birthday and she is well dull. The color that describes her is beige, sad she knows. It comes as no surprise that her only sister would buy her a dildo just for her to think she is getting some action. Now her grandmother, she is tricky and knows that the only way to make Cayte actually feel like a woman is to give her a spell book. Not just any book but one that has been passed by each generation in her grandmother's side to the eldest granddaughter who is a witch, Cayte. A shock to her but surprising when somehow she actually summoned a demon from the spell book. Not just any demon but a lust demon. He gives pleasure, shows pleasure and will make you come just by his look. This is something that Cayte knows from first hand experience. You see Cayte has one man that she has been tying to get the attention of, Tristan, the owner of the gallery where she works is everything she wants in a man, gorgeous, rich, hard working and oh the perfect man for her. The thing is once her lust demon comes to her, Cayte is not sure what she wants anymore. He says his name is Beau, a demon to fulfill whatever her hearts content she just didn't know that she offered her body in payment.

Beau is a legendary lust demon able to bring any female witch whatever her heart desires. Nothing can dissuade him from his task and he has never failed in accomplishing his job. That was until he felt Cayte come to his touch, melt with his kisses and shown him a world that he never really saw in all his lifetimes. Cayte is gorgeous to him, loves her body the way it is and cannot understand why she would want a man who does not appreciate her for who she is. He is an incubus and bound to fulfill Cayte's desire even though it is breaking him inside seething with jealousy for the first time in millennia. He is a legendary incubus and must succeed even though it might cost him the woman who for the first time has entered into his heart.

Oh the possibilities of a spell book that Cayte received sounds delicious. I mean to summon up a lusty demon like Beau, whew watch out. Here is a man who knows passion; seduction and yes can make you wonder what you desired in the first place. The author has an imaginative talent in this book. You can actually see Beau come to life, feel his jealousy wondering what is happening with Cayte and the mortal Tristan. It is refreshing to see that the heroine is not your usual perky thin woman but an average woman who yes has doubts about her body. She wonders if her body is beautiful or sexy to any man. This was a great book to read for the author has created a hero that any woman would fall in love with. His way of seducing the heroine, by showing her who she really was in his eyes, was what dreams are made of. Loved it.

Book Blurb for Bedrooms and Broomsticks

Cayte is convinced her life is beige. She wanted to be an artist, instead she manages a gallery. She is in love with her sexy boss, Tristan, but he doesn't know she's alive. When Cayte receives a book of spells from her grandmother on her thirtieth birthday, she drunkenly decides to cast one. After all, magic isn't real, right?

Cayte accidentally summons Beau, a powerful incubus who has bedded legions of women over the centuries. Beau has never been so tempted by a woman and agrees to help her seduce Tristan if Cayte submits to all his desires. Soon, Cayte has Tristan panting for her, but finds she is more interested in the demon she knows.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00