Because of You

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Because of You

Jordan Wainwright is a playboy at heart and everybody knows it. So it comes as a surprise that he meets a woman that goes against him in every way. Aziza Fleming is definitely someone he never thought of connecting with in his life. As a lawyer he's seen many cases and has won mostly all of them, but something is different now. Aziza has a case that needs to redeem herself and he knows he's the only guy that can win her case. The thing is he never expected to have real feelings toward a woman like Aziza. She sparks something in his heart he thought didn't exist. Now he must make a decision that he never thought he would make and it all involves his life with Aziza.

Aziza Fleming has been burned by love before and is determined to not let her heart get in the way again. Yet something about Jordan Wainwright gets her heart and libido going. Love doesn't seem to work for her and instead of finding marriage she is taking on a harassment case.her own. She knows Jordan has a great reputation in winning 100% of his cases but wonders if maybe hers will be a hard one for him. Love is definitely something she has given up but something about Jordan is making her dream of love again. Can she risk her heart again to a man like Jordan?

Rochelle Alers has done it again in this remarkable story about finding love again. Jordan is a man who loves women and of course women love him. Yet he meets a woman who doesn't easily fall for his charms. Rochelle did a great job in creating these characters and their situation. The comedy and storyline between these two was like reading an old time love story. The interaction between them is comfortable and laid back. There is love definitely between them from the beginning till the end, making it easy to see that love does exist. Great job.

Book Blurb for Because of You

From the author of the bestselling Hideaway novels comes the first in a dazzling, sexy new series, The Wainwright Legacy, chronicling the lives and loves of two prestigious New York families.

High-profile lawyer Jordan Wainwright is an expert at uncovering the truth for his clients. But he guards his own secrets closely, especially those surrounding his adoption by the powerful Wainwright family. Meeting attorney Aziza Fleming at a party, he's captivated by her ambition and sensual warmth. Although Aziza insists she's not looking for anything serious, their casual dates spill over into sultry, pleasure-filled nights.

Aziza has been burned twice before—first by a bad marriage, then by a harassment case that nearly destroyed her career. Sophisticated and irresistibly sexy, Jordan could be everything she wants, if he proves to be the trustworthy man she needs. However, he'll have to choose—between keeping a decades-old secret, or embracing their newfound passion.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.25