Bad Girl

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Bad Girl

BDSM - Trade Paperback

As a social worker you have to be discreet, always watching what you do in your personal life. Sandy Davis has been good in not getting in danger or making her sex life public. That was until Justice finds out about her little secret. For months she has been spying on her neighbors something that she accidentally fell into doing one time. Sandy didn't mean to continue on the spying but her next door neighbor piqued her curiosity. You see she has never been into BDSM, yet her neighbor is one sick, hardcore one who Sandy knows no woman should go through his touch of BDSM. She knows that Justice is a man who she can trust for something about him makes her feel alive. She is not skinny but a little over weight with curves that Justice likes about her. One thing for sure is that now that she has met Justice and her sexuality has risen up she is not sure if her life will ever be the same. However, Justice is not the only one who wants her for her neighbor will not stop in chasing her until she becomes his submissive. How far will he go? Can Justice be there for her when she needs him?

Justice a.k.a. Zeke has never known a woman like Sandy Davis. Upon seeing her masturbate near her telescope he knew that she is his kind of woman. She is wanton, free-spirited, and most of all open to something new. Like Sandy, Zeke has a job and that is to capture the man who has brutally beaten a woman through sex. He knows Sandy knows something about his assignment. The thing that scares him the most besides his love for her is that this Dom will get to her before him. He knows that he's found his woman but can Sandy learn to accept his sexual interests.

She may be a good girl but there is always that little devil on our shoulders who wants to come out and be a bad girl. Sandy is definitely ready for that little devil to come out but can Zeke rise to the challenge of newfound sexual awareness.

Wow, I so love this author now. As a reviewer who is barely getting into BDSM there were some scenes that were hard to read but the author not only shows us this but lets us know that not all BDSM is sugar coated with handcuffs and blindfolds. The best part that I loved about this story was that she made a heroine, Sandy, see how she really is inside and brings that person to the outside. Most of us overweight woman feel we never get that sexy man to like or even love us. To have Sandy see that Zeke thinks she's sexy and beautiful makes her fight for the possibility of love. This author is definitely now on my auto favorite list.

Book Blurb for Bad Girl

A sizzling new voice in erotica offers a hot debut novel of sex and suspense.

Being bad can be so good. All it takes is the right man. By day, Sandy Davis is a dedicated social worker. By night, she's found an unlikely pastime: spying on her neighbors' erotic encounters. She tells herself that it's harmless, until one night she finds herself on the receiving end of such a fantasy-and an anonymous phone call from a peeping stranger who calls himself Justice, and whispers, "You've been a bad girl." The arousing predicament turns into a sensual dance between the adventurous pair. But when a third player enters their sexy game, the fun turns to something darker and more dangerous.


Maya Reynolds lives in a small Texas town. She has worked as a teacher, stockbroker, psychiatric social worker, and crisis-team interventionist. She is the author of several short stories, and Bad Girl is her first novel.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 5.00