Bachelor Unleashed

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Bachelor Unleashed

Farrah Langley has never forgotten about her love even after months of her ending it. Seeing Xavier Kane has made her feel alive again. The months of separation almost killed her and she doesn't want that to happen again. She missed his touch, caress, kisses, but most of all his loving her. Months ago she swore she would not fall for Xavier again. Yet after seeing him again in New York she is trying so hard to not fall for his charms again, but that is something she is failing at. Farrah was burned in love before and Xavier knows it, so it comes as a surprise now that he wants more than a sex buddy. She knows that she is feeling more than she had before in the relationship and it makes her wonder what is going on. Just when she thinks she has figured out Xavier he throws her a curveball saying he wants more than just sex with her. Can she risk her heart again on a bachelor like Xavier Kane?

It’s been almost six months since the relationship ended yet Xavier Kane has not forgotten about Farrah Langley. They started as friends and something blossomed between them. He knows now it is more than sex but convincing her is going to be hard. Xavier swore he wouldn’t let his heart get in the way again like the naïve young man he was before Farrah. Being with her has changed him in more ways than one and it scares him. Not only loving her and having sex with her has changed him but has convinced him that a life without her is not an option. She thinks he will hurt her again like her ex but Xavier knows that his love for her is real. Can he show Farrah that he doesn’t want to be bachelor anymore but a husband to her in every way?

Brenda Jackson has done it again in the Bachelor series. I loved Xavier in this book and Farrah. What started a no-strings attached relationship has turned into something more and that scares them both out of their wits. These two were great as sex-buddies yet their love for one another just blew my mind away. The love they have is so strong that they can’t fight it anymore. Xavier is definitely a bachelor all the way yet Farrah is the woman he needs the most. Passion is all there in and out of the book. It's in the sheets and out of them. This is definitely a recommended read and I can’t wait for more by Brenda Jackson.

Book Blurb for Bachelor Unleashed

They had a hot, fleeting affair Farrah Langley has never forgotten. Attorney-to-the-rich-and-famous Xavier Kane was tender, sexy, attentive—and ravished her body. Everything she ever wanted in a lover. Getting together with him again in New York is a fantasy come true. She certainly doesn't expect the footloose bachelor to change his ways. And the burned-by-love mediator isn't looking for forever.

But Xavier is.

There's something about Farrah…something that touches him deep in his soul…something that keeps him coming back. So when fate brings them together again, Xavier's ready to pick up where they left off. But this time around, he wants more. Can he convince the lean, leggy beauty that he's finished playing the field? That he wants only one woman in his bed, in his arms—in his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00