Baby Papers

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Baby Papers

Book Length: Novel

Attorney Julian Malone has handled a lot of unusual issues as a lawyer. However, none like Bethany Mattson's request. Why a beautiful woman, gorgeous and single (or so he thinks) want to draw up papers for complete parental obligation is beyond him. She wants to have a child and is willing to do anything she can including bedding her ex boyfriends and not telling them about the future child. This should seem unusual for Julian but something about Bethany makes him curious to know how a sexy woman like her cannot find the right man. As an attorney he has worked hard and dated many women but none have piqued his interested like Bethany. Something about her makes him want to be the father to her baby. Kind of hard to do when every time he gets close to her she talks about her partner, her best friend Lynda. Thinking she is a lesbian doesn't help him at all for it just makes him work harder in wanting to change her personal lifestyle. Talk about an attorney going beyond the workload. Can he find out why Bethany is in a hurry to have a baby?

Bethany Mattson is tired of going to another baby shower always being the only single lady with no family in tow. Knowing that her biological clock is ticking, and very loudly she decides to have kids. She knows it is past her time but she has a plan. Screw her ex boyfriends until she gets pregnant and not tell. What she didn't expect was for them to have brains after all. All she wants is a baby to love and to love her back. Meeting Julian was not what she expected and why she wants to kiss him is beyond her. All she knows is that he is her last hope in drawing up the papers to secure her future when they baby is born. She knows her best friend Lynda hates the idea but she cannot understand why Julian keeps asking her out or asking about Lynda. Can it really be possible that Julian is interested in Bethany?

I love a story when it includes something about babies and romance. Two things that can make any story hilarious, loveable and interesting to read. It was Interesting to see how Julian dealt with Bethany's supposed lesbian lifestyle even though he wants Bethany as a lover. Bethany is of course hearing her clock tick for baby life and determined to see it happen. Love comes in an unexpected way of course but can she get her mind off babies to see that Julian is just the right man for her. I loved it and definitely will be on the look out for more of this talented author's works. This was a great contemporary romance because it had it all. The book was filled with romance and comedy. The great secondary characters also made this a great read.

Book Blurb for Baby Papers

Bethany Mattson has made up her mind that she wants to have a child. The trouble is, there is no man in her life. Her idea is to interview three men from her past and choose one whom she will ask to sign a legal document releasing him from monetary and parental obligation, after which she promises a single night of sexual bliss with her — all in the name of procreation.

Julian Malone, a high-powered, single, handsome New York attorney, has been given Bethany's request. Through a comedy of errors and misunderstandings, Julian believes that Bethany and her good friend Lynda are living in an alternative lifestyle, and while he agrees to complete the documents he can't understand why he is so taken with a woman who is obviously unattainable to him.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00