BIG Temptation

Jillian Fox is in trouble. A private investigator is coming by to check on things where she works. She has no idea where the main manager is or who will sign her next paycheck. The new guy, Barrett is not what she expected for an investigator. Something about him makes her pulse and heart beat rapidly. It has been a long time since she has wanted something but knows she can’t have Barrett. Even though she tries to resist him Barrett sure knows what buttons to ignite her to his touch. The thing is that Barrett has problems and Jillian knows its way deep in him. She is not sure how to handle him yet she knows she is the right one for him. Can she find out what is wrong with Barrett before it’s too late?
Barrett George has never had to beg before yet when it comes to Jillian he will beg till death. Something about her makes him want to be better. Each time he is with her he loses control. This is something that has never happened to him before. His job is to find out what happened to the general manager yet each day with Jillian is tearing him apart. He knows that once his job is done he will leave. Which is something he doesn’t know how to handle? Barrett knows that his time with Jillian is almost over but can he convince her that they are perfect for each other.
This is a first book I’ve read from Robin Rotham and I’ll be seeking out more by her. The scenes are beyond hot and will require you to seek refreshment. I loved that Jillian was an innocent, not virgin but not used to a man like Barrett. Now Barrett, talk about sex on a stick, this guy is hot and definitely a dominant guy. These two were great for each other and yes definitely a keeper.

Book Blurb for BIG Temptation

When the Mahoney Tower Tulsa’s general manager disappears, Jillian Fox calls headquarters for help. What she gets is a hotshot corporate investigator—and an inexplicable craving for things that are very, very bad for her. Something besides his monogram and size sixteen shoes tells her Barrett George could be BIG trouble, but resisting his aggressive pursuit turns out to be even harder than keeping her fingers out of the candy bowl.

Barrett knows the skittish little accountant is probably smart not to trust him, especially if she’s looking for crappily ever after. But it’s been months since he got laid and her avoidance tactics only inflame his inner predator. Barrett’s sexual domination sparks Jillian’s complete sensual surrender and a primal attraction that puts both their hearts at risk.

But even as he tests the limits of her trust, the investigation heats up, exposing a conspiracy that places Jillian in harm’s way—and forces Barrett to face his greatest fear.

Is ménage a trois your fantasy? Find out what happens to Jillian when one of her most secret fantasies becomes a reality. Steamy doesn’t even come close. We should all be so lucky.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.00