Any Man of Mine

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Any Man of Mine

Everybody knows that Vegas is the city of fun, action and where secrets are kept secrets. However, that is not the case for Autumn Haven. No, Vegas happens to be the only place where this woman is wild, adventurous and married. She never thought her one weekend of fun would lead to marriage especially to a hunky guy like Sam LeClaire. He is everything she has tried to ignore in her life and now she is stuck to a hockey jock. Now two years later she is concentrating on her job as wedding planner and not thinking about the man that stole her heart and soul. Yet somehow Sam won’t stay in her past and now is turning her life upside down. As wedding planners go her job is to make sure everything is hunky dory even if it means sacrificing her heart.

It was supposed to be just a fun weekend in Vegas for Sam LeClaire. He never expected to fall for Autumn Haven and least of all marriage to her. Even though two years have passed he has never forgotten about his wife. Though he doesn’t remember how it happened he can see why he did it. She is beautiful, sexy, and smart and somehow completes him in every way. As a hockey superstar he’s known women to fall for him because of his status but not his little wife. Can he convince this woman that though the wedding was not planned his love for her is for real?

I loved Any Man of Mine for it tells a story about one woman never acting impulsively yet finding the love of her life in an unusual way. These two together rocked the pages showing us Rachel Gibson’s immense talent. This is an author who knows romance, passion and the whole opposites attract coming together hotter than ever. Sam is definitely not the type of guy Autumn goes for yet right away you can see how they complete one another in every way. Rachel Gibson shows us that love can occur any place and any time whether we want to love or not. All in all it was an awesome book and I can’t wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Any Man of Mine

What happens in Vegas . . . doesn't always stay there.

Autumn Haven's Las Vegas "to-do" list said to catch a show and play the slots—not wake up married to a sexy jerk like Sam LeClaire. The first moment she saw him eyeing her like a luscious piece of the dessert buffet, her usually responsible self told her to run. And she did—right into the wildest fantasy weekend of her life. But Monday morning jolted her back to reality, and before she could say "pass the coffee," Sam was gone.

Now a successful wedding planner, Autumn hasn't clapped eyes on the heartbreaking hockey superstar for over two years . . . until she organizes his teammate's "Special Day," where Sam makes a big play to pick up where he left off! But she has vowed any man of hers plays for keeps. Is Sam the man for her or does she banish him to the sin bin forever?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.75