Anna's Secret

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Anna's Secret

Kelly McWinter is a man who has known love, heartache and grief. After the death of his wife and unborn child he walks away from police work to become a security guard at a little place called Indian Creek. Gone were the midnight runs, homicides and the possibility of being killed for a little peace in this town. Or so he thought? Just when he thinks his life is okay he stumbles upon the town drunk, Anna Davis and she has been murdered. Who killed her? Nobody knows and more than ever Kelly is determined to find out who the murderer is. Everybody liked Anna, even though she always drank and spewed out hateful words to a couple of people. All everybody knows is that before she died a woman visited her. What comes as a shock is that this woman claims Anna was her mother. Hard to believe but Kelly can't find a solid reason why someone would just kill Anna when she was just reunited with her daughter Krystal. Always a cop Kelly is wondering what exactly made Anna become a drunk and to live in Indian Creek. Can he find her killer before it's too late?

Secrets, betrayal and murder are just the tip of the iceberg in this suspense. Jude Atkins brings us to a little town where your retired police officer is trying to relax when bang a murder appears. Oh man and the way Jude kills the town drunk is grisly yet not that bloody. Just seeing Kelly going into cop mode again was interesting to see and how little he had changed. There are some twists that Jude takes you through and trust me when you reading the book you will think you know who the murderer is and then she brings in a new twist. I loved Anna's Secret and Jude Atkins is a talented, imaginative and oh so devious to make me want more of Kelly. Definitely not your usual suspense but Kelly is worth reading about.

Book Blurb for Anna's Secret

When a firebomb intended for Kelly McWinter kills his wife, he quits the Fort Worth police force and isolates himself in the tiny community of Indian Creek. Eventually, Kelly settles into a quiet routine of daily chats with the fishermen at Bubba's Bait House, and Saturday night barbecues at Cam Belsher's Hideaway Bar.

Then Kelly and his dog Jake find the body of Anna Davis inside the local flea market. Determined to remain uninvolved, Kelly keeps a low profile. But when Cam Belsher is singled out as the sheriff's number one suspect, Kelly realizes he must put his ghosts aside and find the killer.

Kelly is drawn to Anna's daughter, Krystal. When Krystal shares some family secrets, Kelly's investigation turns upside down. A family reunion awakens a long dead memory where Kelly is confronted with an uncomfortable truth. And just when everything starts to make sense another murder is committed, and Kelly uncovers the killer's shocking secret.

Publisher Note: Previously published as Deadly Secrets and self-published as Shadows Are Deadly.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00