An April To Remember

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An April To Remember

April Simonson is a woman who has dealt with so many things in her life. She had to grow up at a young age to care for her brother Willie. The Sultana riverboat is their escape to freedom and a way to start a new life again in Minnesota. Ever since Willie left and married in England she has hated men. All they do is bring heartache to her and pain. Sure he is her brother but sometimes April wonders if she is a mother to him. Every time she thinks she can be on her own he does something stupid. She never expected though to meet a gambler like Jerek Brinkley. Something about Jerek brings out the womanly desires in her, which confuses her. April has no time to be falling for a man especially one like him. Everything was going as planned but the more passengers the Sultana takes the more she is worried. She never expected though for the Sultana to explode something she would always remember. However, among the death and tragedy can she learn to love Jerek like he deserves?
Jerek Brinkley has seen many things in his life but none like the explosion of the Sultana. He boarded the riverboat because of April Simonson. Something about the woman intrigued him. Partially it’s her take-charge attitude towards her brother Willie and niece Suzie. Jerek wanted to know April more but not like this. Not with so many deaths and her brother and niece missing. Yet among the tragedy love does arise but he is afraid of what will happen once his true identity is revealed. Will April still love him?
If you thought the Titanic was the nation’s worse tragedy then you were wrong for Lauri Robinson created a story that brought the Sultana tragedy to life. The Sultana was a riverboat that people thought could accomplish anything including carrying more passengers than it should have in the first place. April Simonson and her family were on board the Sultana going to a new life in Minnesota or so they thought. Jerek Brinkley was just a simple gambler following what his heart desired, which was April.

Lauri Robinson did a beautiful job with this book for when you read her words you could almost hear the cries, death all around and happiness of knowing a loved one survived. Truly this is one of those books that needs to be savored.

Book Blurb for An April To Remember

April Simonson hated all men. They were cruel, sinful beasts. Her disfigured face was proof. That is until she met Jerek Brinkley. Then, as the revered Sultana explodes, April falls into the dark, muddy waters of the Mississippi River terrified she'll never see the light of day or the handsome riverboat gambler again.

Jerek Brinkley fought hell and high water to save the northern vixen who'd won his heart with her cards tricks, only to fear Allan Pinkerton's arrival in Memphis might reveal secrets he's not ready for her to know.

Based on history's greatest maritime disaster, An April to Remember, sprinkled with real facts and events, revives the Sultana, a civil war riverboat whose death toll surpassed the Titanic's, and offers a new twist on what might have happened that fateful night in 1865.

Paperback: 380 pages

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75