All Worked Up

Oh Yum! - Contemporary Erotic

Landon has never been a tongue-tied kind of guy and now he is not sure what has overcome him when his dream woman comes into his gym. As a boy he had a huge crush on his tutor, Gloria Sanders. Now as an adult with a lot of confidence he is determined to make her see that he is exactly what she needs. All his friends tell him he needs to go out and this is the perfect opportunity for him to go out especially when it is with a beautiful woman like Gloria. Though he is six years younger than her Landon knows she is still beautiful even more now as an adult. The thing is can he convince her that this is more than a trainer and customer relationship. He wants more with her and is even willing to go slow for her if needed as long as she is in his life forever.

Gloria Sanders has very little self-confidence. Her ex-husband not only belittled her every chance he got but also neglected their child. She knows she is not the slim, beautiful woman he wanted her to be but she can't help it that she is tall and a little over weight. When she started working out she never expected to be working out her sex life as well. Landon brings out all the womanly desires she thought were dormant and it is making her confused. Gloria is unsure how to feel when she is around him but is determined to enjoy all the loving he gives her. Can she get past all the insecurities her ex-husband created? Can she find the confidence required?

Oh man this is definitely one of those books every woman should read. I loved the fact that Eve Vaughn created a woman we all could look up to. I mean here is a woman who had a bad marriage and now because of it is afraid of learning to love again. Landon is definitely the man to teach her about passion again and to move forward in life. A great book for everyone to read and since it is part of the Oh Yum series it shows that even older women can get second chances in love and still feel all woman.

Book Blurb for All Worked Up

Landon should be happy. He has looks, money and co-owns the hottest gym in town. But he's missing someone to share his success with. Tired of the dating scene and shallow women, Landon has all but given up his search for love, that is until Gloria Sanders, a voluptuous beauty from his past, walks into his gym. When they knew each other before, too many obstacles stood in their way. Now circumstances have changed and nothing will stop him from claiming her as his.

Gloria, determined to move on after her divorce, decides to take private fitness lessons. When she meets her hunky personal trainer she's surprised to learn they already knew each other. What's more, he's had a crush on her for years. Gloria finds herself attracted to this sexier version of the Landon she once knew but old insecurities prevent her from acting on those feelings.

When these two get all worked up their passion for each other will burn like nothing else and they'll discover what they've both been missing — love.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75