All In

Book 1 in the Be-Wished series.

What do you do when a fairy tells you that it is time to grant your wish that you made one drunken night with your best friends? Well hello you take the wish and enjoy it as much as you can. The thing is that for Mariah this wish means seeing the guy she has lusted for even months after one passionate night. One night with Tucker wasn't enough but she knew that he was a man who had dreams he needed to accomplish. Like him, Mariah was starting to make it big as a cake decorator. By sheer luck of course she is making a cake for Tucker's best friends wedding. Seeing Tucker again brings back all the sexual attraction she felt for him and she knows that another round with him will break her heart. She has followed his career and knows that coming into his life now is surely going to turn it upside down. Though her fairy godmother said it is her wish, the only way she can keep Tucker is if she tells him the truth. Can she go through it without sounding like a lunatic about fairy wishes?

Tucker has never forgotten about sexy Mariah and their one passionate night. Now that she is back in his life he wants her for more than a night. As a card poker champion his life has always been on the road never settling down. This is something that he knows Mariah would never settle for. He is surprised though that she has made her dream come true as well yet she seems happy in her life something he is not right. He is not sure when it started but he somehow started wanting a family and a woman to come home to. Tucker knows the sexual attraction is still there but does love.

All In by Kate Willoughby is one fun, sexy romp of a tale that is worth reading. It makes you wonder what exactly you would do this time if given a second chance. I loved the whole fairy wishes in this modern age. The book was fun paced and the love scenes wow. Yes love scenes not sex for you know just reading about these two its more than just sex. I loved it and can't wait for more from this talented author. Great job.

Book Blurb for All In

Book 1 in the Be-Wished series.

When three close friends made margarita-fueled wishes on magical woven bracelets, none of them ever dreamed that their sexy wishes might come true. But then a real-life fairy appears with Universal Wish Federation credentials and a ludicrous claim that Mariah's wish is her command. And before Mariah can say bippidy-bobbidy-boo, old flame Tucker arrives in town…and in Mariah's bed.

Life on the road is a lonely one, but when Tucker bumps into Mariah again, all that changes. Sparks immediately fly and it's all he can do to keep his hands off her. As things deepen between them, he swears he'll be damned before he passes on a chance to reconnect with a woman he never forgot.

But wishes aren't always simple and Happily Ever After is never guaranteed. It will be up to Mariah to go all in and make her wish last a lifetime…or lose Tucker forever.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.75