All in Time

Book 1 in The Hussies series.

Years ago on his birthday, Morgan Nicholaus's father had a present that would change his life forever. Young Morgan never thought it would be the last time he would see his father. Now years later he is haunted by that last scene, his father going into a burning car to save an infant never coming out. He brings out his pain and heartache through his photos. Through the years he has never met anyone who understands him or can make the voices in his head go away. Voices that all started when his father died. Voices that have not let him sleep because of the pain they bring making him wonder what exactly it was his father was going to show. No one understands him or knows the true meanings of his photos. Well that was until he met Sara. An unusual woman who from the first time he met her he has fantasized how this woman from his dreams came to life. Yes, he has dreamed of Sara but never thought she was real until now. Something about Sara maks him wonder why he feels instantly connected to her. He has seen many things and heard of unusual things yet when he hears about The Hussies it doesn't seem all that weird. Is Sara the cure he needs for these voices to stop in his head? Will he ever find out what his father was going to show him all those years ago?

There is only so much this reviewer can say without telling spoilers. One thing for sure is the readers will not be disappointed when they start this beautiful tale by Ciana Stone. You can read about it on her website, The Hussies.

Sara is a woman with a gift that is hard to write about but once you read exactly what her powers are like you are going to be in awe. I felt heartache when I read about Morgan. Here is a man with a beautiful talent in photography yet he cannot be at peace because of his father's death. There are things that haunt him in his sleep, voices that plague him every waking hour and it takes one talented woman to give him the peace he has searched forever for. Once again, Ciana Stone, with her brilliant imagination has created a beautiful tale that this reader never expected. There is the usual sex, hot, but that is not all that makes the story. No for there is more in this authors talented mind for you to explore including action, suspense, people shooting at them and oh yes the chance for a man to find peace at last with a woman. One who knows his heart and that it scares him. I loved it all and can't wait for Book 2 in the Hussies series. Three words describe Ciana Stone's imagination: wild, exhilarating and yes scintillating.

Book Blurb for All in Time

Sara's life is filled with mysteries. Why did her parents abandon her as a baby? What's behind the baffling blackouts she suffers and the frightening images she creates while she's out? Who is the strange woman claiming to hold the answers, and why does she keep calling Sara a Hussy?

Morgan's got a few mysteries of his own. What was his father going to give him on the day he died — the gift he said would change Morgan's life? Who is this bewitching woman who keeps passing out and creating pictures of his past and future — and why was she sent to save his life?

All they both know from the moment they meet is that the bond between them is stronger — and more passionate — than anything either has ever known. And that fate has brought them together for a very important reason. If only they knew what it was.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00