Alex [Prisoners of Desire]

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Alex [Prisoners of Desire]

Alex Kincaid has led a life of wealth and no embarrassments. Well that is until the debacle that lands her in her uncle’s ranch working. A girl like her doesn’t work – She only shops. She knows her father means well but she would rather be in jail then cooking and cleaning for her uncle’s men.

Alex has never seen her uncle or new that he rans a ranch for ex-convicts. The Bar K is not your usual ranch though and she soon learns that the men are not all convicts. No instead each man there has a story as to why they’re at her uncle’s ranch and none are dangerous. One man, Brett is definitely a man she hates yet it is a hate that is oh so good. They detest each other yet their passion together is something they never thought would happen. Brett is not like any man she has known and this is something that scares her. She knows he has led a different life but she wants to know more about him. Just when she thinks something could go on his past comes back to interfere. Can Alex prove to her uncle and Brett that she is not a city girl but just a girl who wants a second chance?

Monica Robinson has a hit with this book. From the beginning I fell in love with Alex. Everybody sees her as a rich pampered girl without worries. Yet inside her is a girl who just wants someone to take her seriously and love her. Not only is this is a book about Brett and Alex but also the other men from the Bar K. Each person has a story behind them that will make you root for their parole. I loved that Monica didn’t just do a story with the main characters but included everybody. This is definitely a book highly recommended read.

Book Blurb for Alex [Prisoners of Desire]

Contemporary cowboy Yellow Rose
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 344
Privileged debutante Alex Kincaid is sent to her uncle’s ranch after receiving her third DUI in eighteen months. She doesn’t know the first thing about cooking, but when it comes to the Bar K’s sexy-as-sin cook, Brett, she’s willing to learn.
Having served his six years as an inmate at the prison ranch, Brett Hartman can almost taste his freedom. When the warden’s niece arrives, his world is turned upside down. Alex argues with him at every turn and makes his already chaotic life a living hell. Fraternization will send him back to jail, away from the Bar K. So why is he willing to throw away everything he’s worked for to have one night with her in his bed?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00