Against the Wind

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Against the Wind

Jackson Raines hated high school for it was years of fantasizing being Sarah Allen’s boyfriend. Yep high school was definitely a bad time for him for instead of succumbing to his charms she embarrassed him by calling him a lowlife. Now years later he never expected Sarah Allen would enter in his life. He knows something is wrong but she won’t confide in him. Seeing her again is definitely a surprise, but seeing fear in her eyes just blows him away. Everybody in Wind Canyon, Wyoming knows she left to pursue a different life style. Now that she is back he see’s something more than the snobby girl that left years ago. This time though she is a woman with a daughter and definitely off the market. Yet even though she has come back Jackson knows he needs her in his life. Can he find out what she is hiding before it’s too late?

Coming to Wind Canyon, Wyoming seemed like a great idea in the beginning but now Sarah doubts her move. Fresh from a marriage of hell she is determined to make a life for her and her little girl. Years ago she left to marry into a life of luxury and thought it was filled with love. Now she knows that marrying was a huge mistake. What she thought was love turned into nothing but a marriage of slavery to her. All she wanted was passion and love not hurt and pain. Seeing Jackson Raines brings back all the memories she had of him. Deep in her heart he was her knight in shining armor. Now coming back as a failure she knows she can never be the woman he needs. Or can she? Jackson has always made her feel that she can be strong and courageous. Can she turn to Jackson when she knows her time is up soon?

This is the first of a series that kicked off with a bang by Kat Martin. Once again Kat Martin has proven that she can make a story come to life with any scenario. Sarah Allen is definitely not the snobby girl she left as but is one determined to be a fighter for her little girl. The love she has for Jackson is unforgettable and though her time is running out she sacrifices that love to see he is not hurt because of her. Kat Martin shows us the pain and fear that Sarah lived with in her marriage and it is tough to read. This is definitely a great book about one woman’s courage and determination to find the love she greatly deserves. Awesome job Kat! 

Book Blurb for Against the Wind

They were known as the "no-account Raines boys" but they've grown into successful, honorable men and everything they have, they've fought for tooth and nail. Now each of the three brothers has one last obstacle to overcome to claim what's eluding them: love.

Secrets don't stay buried long in cattle country. Sarah Allen, the beautiful girl who humiliated Jackson Raines in high school, is back in town. Not so long ago, she couldn't wait to leave Wind Canyon, Wyoming, in her dust. But, recently widowed, she has nowhere else to go and finds herself on Jackson's ranch. And Jackson's finding himself reluctant to get rid of her.

Sarah brings her own kind of trouble, and he can't resist trouble. Enemies of her dead husband show up making threats, thinking she has something they're owed. They're not taking no for an answer, but what they will take is the one thing she has left—her daughter. Jackson's the only one who might be able to save little Holly and bring her home.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75