Absolutely Not

Chocolate, deadly weapon or seductive candy that is something Maisy keeps telling herself. After months of exercising, not eating real food she is a svelte, thin woman with a great job and a new look ready to do revenge on her ex-husband. Which would have been a great thing to do if he wasn't dead? Maisy still remembers the hateful words he would call her for instance warthog. It wasn't her fault she used to weigh 300 lbs. What hurt the most was seeing him hump a bony redhead in her bed at her own home. With a new goal in mind she got a great job and transformed herself to the luscious and new drinker Maisy. The thing is that seeing him dead in the casket wasn't traumatic enough but haveing a sexual attraction on the bony ass tramp's brother is bad. Everywhere she goes she can't forget about Keller Fitch. She knows it is not his fault that his sister was the one who stole her husband way from her but dang it all family sucks. Though she tries her hardest her best friend, Norman can't help but see these two getting together. Keller is everything she would have wanted in a guy. The only thing is Sharon would always be around. Or will she?

Keller Fitch knew love at first sight at the funeral but never knew how his life would turn upside down so fast upon meeting Maisy. He knew at first hand what a dog her ex-husband was and how painful his sister's marriage was. Yet he never expected to see Maisy all beautiful and seductive. Chocolate is her thing and even though she says she is not attraction to him she is like a candy he can't stop touching. Chocolate and wine, his expertise is something that doesn't go easy with Maisy but he wants to be there for her in anyway he can. The thing is Maisy is determined to stay away all because of his sister. Can they get together or will chocolate be her downfall into gaining weight again?

Okay I love it when a story is revised for it comes out even better than ever. I loved that even though Keller had a tramp of a sister family was still important for him. Though Maisy tries her best to not mess up in this new relationship it is hysterical the situations she finds herself in. There's a gay funny Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe, a boss who won't stop at matchmaking and a sister who constantly reminds you of your past that makes great secondary characters. Not to mention the oh so delicious seductive scene of chocolate cookies that you so got to read. Loved it all and can't wait for another Daisy Dexter Dobbs book for where there's sex, passion and comedy you know it will be a winner with Daisy.

Book Blurb for Absolutely Not

After surviving on rabbit food for eighteen months, a transformed Maisy is set to exact revenge on her cheating ex. The fact that the SOB has dropped dead of a heart attack in the act of cheating on his new wife complicates matters.

Paying her final disrespects at the funeral home, Maisy meets Keller, a man so sexy and scintillating, she longs to jump his gorgeous bones right there in the mortuary. Unfortunately, once she discovers he's the brother of the woman she caught in bed with her husband, Keller is as good as poison.

Maisy's meddlesome boss and best friend, however, has other ideas. His attempts at playing matchmaker result in a series of hot, steamy, erotic consequences — as well as embarrassing mishaps, masquerades and misunderstandings.

Maisy, a certified chocoholic, copes in the most logical way possible — by trying to commit chocolatcide.

Reader Advisory: This book contains brief scenes of light bondage and graphic male/male sexual interaction.
Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere as Shipping Sharon in 2001. Story has been greatly revised and lengthened for Ellora's Cave.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.75