A Scent in the Night

Lorelei has had a good life and will do anything she can to not mess it up. The thing is one night is all it takes to turn her life upside down. Seeing Galen Kennedy emerge from the pool, naked and glistening with water sliding from his decadent naked body was something she never thought to awaken to see. Falling asleep on private property was not planned but something about Galen looking at her is making all her womanly desires awaken. She knows it wrong to succumb to his night of seduction and into his arms. As a chef and in an important contest right now, hosted by him, she tries everything she can to not fraternize with the host. Her parents death has taught her to never mix business with pleasure but one kiss is all it takes from Galen to make Lorelei forget that motto. The more she is with Galen the more she wonders exactly what his lifestyle is. One minute she thinks he's a wealthy business owner but then she hears about drugs and a gun cartel making her wonder if she is kissing the enemy.

Galen Kennedy is a man who gets whatever he wants easily. Right now he is having a hard time concentrating on bringing down the smugglers who are using his ships. They are making him look like he is a big gun cartel man. His family worked hard to make his ships a name upon themselves and is determined to not let smugglers destroy his family. What he didn't count on was a beautiful Canadian turning his life and heart upside down. Long ago he thought he could love but a woman and death destroyed that heart. With Lorelei he feels like the man he used to be before all the gun smuggling happened and death in his life. He knows someone wants his family dead but can he protect Lorelei especially when he has a secret of his own that might destroy whatever love he might have had with her. Can Galen go on pretending that her scent does not invoke a dream of happily ever after he has searched for in a woman?

Three words describe this enchanting tale from debut author Isabella Montright. Oh my god!!! From the first chapter you can see Galen emerging from the pool with water naked under the moonlight and Lorelei's hesitance in staying to watch him. I loved the whole book from the passionate sex between these two. Justin the annoying brother and even the action and heartache pulls you at all directions. This is definitely one of those books that you can curl up to and be enchanted through it all till the very end. It grips you from the beginning never straying from its action and suspense until you are at the last page wondering how did it end so quickly. Good news though there is a sequel. You can read about it on Isabella's fabulous website http://www.isabellamontwright.com. The Kennedy men are definitely they type of men you don't want to mess with. If you do, beware Isabella Montright created them with passion, thirst for their women and oh yes they love sensually for forever. I loved it and great job for this enchanting author.

Book Blurb for A Scent in the Night

After her parents' death, Lorelei concentrates on becoming a renowned culinary chef. At an international competition she meets a man who makes her face the past, her struggles to end her life and what the future might hold.

Millionaire business tycoon Galen Kennedy will go to any lengths to catch the smugglers who are using his ships to traffic weapons. Obsessed with Lorelei, he will use any means to possess her, unaware than in doing so he will make her the target of one of the largest international weapons cartels operating in Europe.

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00