A Rose to the Fallen

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A Rose to the Fallen

True love and eternity are bound

Do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe that someone out there in the billions of people on Earth is your other half? Do you believe in that one true love? The one that seeps into your heart unnoticed capturing your every attention. If you don’t then this is not the book for you. However, if you do believe in finding THE ONE then be prepared for an exciting, heart-warming, soul-searching and all consuming love of a story.
Tristian Hathaway is a man who hears things. Things that he knows should not be heard yet the voices come to him. He knows something is wrong with him but can’t figure out what it is. His whole life has always been a mess, women everywhere and fights. Everything changes when he meets. Not just anyone but she is the one he has been hearing in his head for years. Tristian knows he doesn’t deserve her but one kiss from her and he knows he has found his other half. The thing is that she is somewhat afraid of him in her own way. He knows he can come off as a possessive, jealous and maybe sometimes dominant. But that is all in the name of love. Tristian knows without his red Rosie in his life he is not nor will ever be complete.
Bridget Monahan has never known a man like Tristian Hathaway. He’s gorgeous from his blue periwinkle eyes, to his blond bed head to the bottom of his well you know. How a man like him could be interested in a freckled-redheaded woman like her is beyond words. All Bridget knows is that she feels something deeply for him. Something she has never known before in her life. A kiss from him is unlike any she has known for it feels like coming home to her. She knows Tristian is vulnerable sometimes and expects so much of her. Yet the more she is with him the more Bridget is learning new things about her angel. To her Tristian will be her lover, warrior, protector and friend but she knows it runs deeper than that. She doesn’t know why Tristian picked her but knows his love is real.
WOW, JUST WOW. April Bostic has written a book that tugs on the heartstrings and will have you wondering where your true love is? I see this debut author going places as she has created one of the most powerful, enchanting and beautiful books I’ve ever read. I definitely highly recommended this to readers who want a real love story.
April Bostic not only took my breath but Tristian and Bridget came to life. I must say the cover definitely doesn’t do justice to Tristian. When you see the love between these two it is like magic. It has it ups and downs but in every curve in life their love pulls them back together. I loved it and can’t wait for more of April Bostic’s talented work.

Book Blurb for A Rose to the Fallen

Do soul mates really exist? Is there really another person out there who was born just for you? And are they the only one who can answer your heart's call? Bridget Monahan is an elementary school teacher, and she's about to find out that perhaps soul mates do exist. Her heart is on the mend from many failed relationships, she's a skeptic when it comes to finding love, and the last thing she wants is to be set up on another blind date. However, she is introduced to the charming Tristan Hathaway. Bridget's first impression of Tristan is that he reminds her of an angel with a British accent that makes her knees weak. When they begin their passionate romance, Tristan is able to break her defenses that were guarding her heart for so long, and as Bridget allows herself to fall deeper in love with him, she starts to believe that they are soul mates. But she also learns that although his beauty is near perfection, he is not without flaws and there's more to him than she ever imagined. Not to mention, he can seduce her unlike any man she's ever known and take her mind, body, and soul to a place of sheer ecstasy. Bridget unexpectedly becomes the student in this magical love affair and her biggest lesson may be that true love and eternity are bound.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 5.00