A Matter of Trust

Abby August is a woman on the run. She won’t settle anywhere until she knows for sure her and Kate are safe. For years she was a dutiful, obedient and loyal wife. That was until the night she found her little girl with a shiner. Fed up with her husband she runs. Now years later she is still afraid of her ex-husband and is wishing beyond anything for the day when she can be unguarded. Her new neighbor Matt Layton isn’t making things better. One day her life was safe then the next she has gorgeous Matt questioning her every move. Unprepared by his looks and his protectiveness towards her she runs. Abby knows that each day with Matt is one more day of hiding before her ex finds her. Can she continue running? Will she lose her girl again? Will she loose her life?

FBI agent Matt Layton is hired for one thing. To find Penelope Zanelli and her daughter no matter what it takes. A job is a job but upon meeting Abby he is distraught. His employer told him things about her, but he can’t remember what exactly they were. Abby is totally the opposite of what he was told and this totally confuses him. He was hired to bring her in but now that he’s gotten to know her he is unsure what to do. Matt knows that Abby will run again but he will do everything he can to protect them. The thing is nobody told him that it would take all his heart to make her trust him. Can he earn her heart and trust? He knows he’s got a long way to make her see he’s a good man but he is what Abby needs.

Oh my god Judi rocked in this book. A Matter of Trust is filled with suspense, action and trust. All these elements make this a definite keeper. Judi takes a hard situation that affects many women today and created a tale that will capture your heart. I loved Abby for the courage she had and little Kate was enjoyable. This story incorporates romance yet it’s nothing like her other books. This is Judi’s first book eBook and hope it won’t be the last. Great job.

Book Blurb for A Matter of Trust

Hiding from her abusive husband, Abby August has lived a lie for 4 years. As a gifted psychic she makes a living reading customers over the phone in order to stay home and care for her 9 year-old daughter. When a stranger moves in next door and befriends her child, she soon finds out the stranger is after her.

Ex FBI agent Matt Layton had located his target, but soon learns Abby August is not the faithless wife Roman Zanelli projected. More importantly, Abby and Kate have helped him find the family he lost several years earler. But can he protect them from a serial killer… and an angry husband who has vowed to see them dead?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00