A Lawman's Christmas

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A Lawman's Christmas

McKettricks, #14

Dara Rose Nolan is at her wits end. Losing her husband is one thing but supporting two little girls without money is making her do crazy things. Coming out to Blue River, Texas was supposed to be a new start at life with her husband. She never expected though he would die on her. Now she is trying to stay sane but her little girls want so much. Dara is not accustomed to struggling but she tries nevertheless until a new sheriff in town makes her rethink her plans. This man is not like any sheriff she has seen but actually cares about the town and surprising her children. As a woman she knows what kind of man Clay McKettrick is but his sincerity and kindness just boggles her mind. Can she be the woman he needs when she doesn’t even know how to act like a woman?

Clay McKetrick’s dream is to start a family and be a rancher. The problem is he needs a woman who is not meek or shy. His family says he is picky about women but something about Dara Rose Nolan makes him curious about her life. He’s never known a woman like her and she fascinates him. Dara is strong, courageous and beautiful in his eyes. Her children are a joy to him and a way for him to get to know her. As sheriff of the town he must uphold the law and something about Dara brings out his protectiveness in him. He knows she struggles each day and all he wants is to be there for her in every way. Christmas is coming early for Dara and Clay is determined that she sees a lot of joy in her life forever?

Linda Lael Miller is my favorite author for she brings out the kindness and true self of every character she creates. That makes her stories magical. In A Lawman’s Christmas we see this right from the beginning. Dara is a single mother who just wants one thing in her life and that is to be the best mom she can be to her children. She doesn’t want or care for anything for herself. She just wants her children to be happy. Now Clay is a man who makes her dream of the impossible, but her motherly instincts come up whenever he’s near. These two so need each other yet are too stubborn to pursue it. Now the children are great to read about for though they are children they are mischievous and matchmakers. All in all it was a great book to read for it shows us that no matter what the situation is Linda Lael Miller proves that romance and the McKettricks continue to live on. I just loved it.

Book Blurb for A Lawman's Christmas

The sudden death of the town marshal leaves Blue River, Texas, without a lawman.and twenty-five-year-old Dara Rose Nolan without a husband. As winter approaches and her meager seamstress income dwindles, she has three options. Yet she won't give up her two young daughters, refuses to join the fallen women of the Bitter Gulch Saloon and can't fathom condemning herself to another loveless marriage. Unfortunately she must decide-soon-because there's a new marshal in town, and she's living under his roof.

With the heart of a cowboy, Clay McKettrick plans to start a ranch and finally settle down. He isn't interested in uprooting Dara Rose and her children, but he is interested in giving her protection, friendship-and passion. And when they say "I do" to a marriage of convenience, the temporary lawman's Christmas wish is to make Dara Rose his permanent wife..

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50