A Dangerous Dream

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A Dangerous Dream

Melissa has just been hired at her dream job. Not just any job but one where she will be working with great horses and a chance for the Grand Prix. Not racing cars but racing horses. This is the job she has dreamed of for so long. She had a difficult year putting all her concentration on caring for her adoptive sick mother yet feeling lost that she never knew her biological mother. Now that she is on her own she is ready to work hard in accomplishing her dream but she never expected to work closely to horse trainer, David. Something about him makes her feel for the first time like a woman. She knows something is not up at the Beckwiths Horse Ranch. Why they would keep a barn manager who doesn’t even work is beyond her? All she knows is that David is a better worker, friend and has become her first time lover. Can Melissa find out what exactly is up with the barn manager?

This is the first book I’ve read by Mary Paine and I have to say won’t be the last. I loved that this woman who endured so much in a year still came out and faced a busy, hardworking horse business without a tired bone in her. This heroine not only had determination but also was like a Nancy Drew investigator. Nothing will stop her from finding out what is going on at the horse ranch. Loved it and can’t wait for more by this author.


Book Blurb for A Dangerous Dream

Melissa's dream has come true with a job at an exclusive Connecticut horse farm that trains Grand Prix show jumpers. She is determined to succeed in this world where vast wealth is coupled with intense ambition.

A sizzling attraction springs to life between Melissa and David, a handsome, talented trainer, but her future is threatened when an attempted murder takes place at the farm. She must decide who she can trust and if her long-held dream is worth the risk of her life.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.75