1022 Evergreen Place

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1022 Evergreen Place

Mack McAfee is head over heels in love with his tenant. He has been in love since last year when he rescued Mary Jo and delivered her baby, Noelle. Ever since then he has tried to convince her that his love for her is real. The thing is that she is afraid. Her ex, David Rhodes wants his daughter Noelle. Ever since Noelle was born Mack thinks of her as his and no one will take her away from him. The thing is that Mary Jo is pulling away from him because of fear. He knows that she is meant for him but he is patient. His family already loves Mary Jo but Mack doesn’t know how long he can wait for her. Can family and love change her mind about him?

Mary Jo Wyse loves 1022 Evergreen place, her neighbors and friends. It’s not just a place with people she has come to love but it also has Mack McAfee. Ever since he helped her almost a year ago delivering her baby she feels like she owes him. Noelle is her life and knowing that Mack is more of a father for her than her real father comforts her. Mack is everything she wanted in a man but her ex is being troublesome. She knows that Mack does love her but she is afraid. Is his love for her real or just a charade?

Debbie Macomber has a way of bringing a whole neighborhood to life with just her words. This is the 10th book in the series and everybody is included from all of the books. I loved that Debbie has brought us Mack and Mary Jo’s story. We saw snippets of them from the previous book and they were awesome. Mary Jo is a woman who is also a single mother trying to make a good life for her and Noelle. Now Mack is a man she so needs in her life for he’s strong, persistent and loves her with all his heart. These two together are great and like I said the whole neighborhood is here letting you see how far they have come. Great job Debbie.

Book Blurb for 1022 Evergreen Place

1022 Evergreen Place, Unit B

Cedar Cove, Washington

Dear Reader:

Guess what? I’m falling in love! With Mack McAfee.

My baby daughter, Noelle, and I have been living next door to Mack since the spring. I’m still a little wary about our relationship, since I haven’t always made good decisions when it comes to men. My baby’s father, David Rhodes, is testament to that. I’m so worried he might sue for custody.

In the meantime, the World War II letters I found are a wonderful distraction. Both Mack and I are trying to learn what happened to the soldier who wrote them and the woman he loved.

Come by sometime for a glass of iced tea and I’ll show you the letters. Plus I’ll tell you the latest about Grace and Olivia, my brother Linc and his wife, Lori (who tied the knot about 5 minutes after they met!), and all our other mutual friends. Oh, and maybe Mack can join us…

- Mary Jo Wyse

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50