The Bond That Saves Us

Book 4 in the Eternal Bonds series.

Have you ever come across a book that is so REAL that you find yourself on a rollercoaster between almost crying for your characters and feeling an odd sense of pride in them? Like the romance is made even more honest because you can actually FEEL how hard it is for one or both characters to find and accept it, fully? That is exactly what I felt within the first few chapters of “The Bond That Saves Us”, and I was not released from this spell until a while AFTER the story actual ended. Five stars are not enough... and I never give all five....

The tale revolved around our main characters, Capt. Amy Bryson and Sean Donaldson, on a space colony known as Eurus. Amy, a half Shay-half human woman, pilots a cargo ship and struggles with the side-effect of her genetics that make her a bit TOO interesting to the opposite sex- ANYone of the opposite sex- especially when she is tired or ‘happy’ herself. Sean on the other hand, tackles his demons in the raw, holding onto enormous guilt from the past and not really caring about the future. Only on running into Amy and finding a need to protect her as she struggles against the unwelcome pressure from a space-straddling, drug smuggler, are both of their fears and hearts let go.

“BTSU” is not a comedy, nor a huge sci-fi/fantasy romp, though it does have elements of both. It IS almost a window into the most realistic and ‘bonding’ love-story I’ve ever read, by two characters that have so much pain in their hearts, but who make the deepest connections to me as a reader, almost as if I know them as well as a close friend would. Their story is a miracle that I think every person looks for, to find that one person that is like another part of themselves; someone that understands you at your best and worst, loves you even when they themselves don’t yet realize it, and of course, have the urge to protect the other who is most precious to them. It doesn’t hurt of course that the heat level is in the Galactic region between the two (please have mimosas handy, and plenty of ice water), and the secondary characters also are involved in adventurous, loving romantic relationships, as well. Whatever your hesitations, this novel, though only an average of 163 pgs so not the super novel touted, is well worth the read. You won’t be disappointed, and like me, you’ll probably run off to discover other books in Mrs. D’Abo’s “Bonds” series. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for The Bond That Saves Us

Plus Size Novel:
Captain Amy needs money and the Catallian race can provide it. The race showcases the best pilots the sector has ever known. Amy plans on winning it with the help of her new copilot, the mysterious and sexy Sean—as long as she can keep her sex pheromones in check. But her attraction to Sean kicks her body into overdrive, overwhelming them both.
Sean has left friends and duty behind. Intending to heal mind and spirit, he joins Amy as her bodyguard and copilot. Sean has no interest in forming a bond with Amy, even though their lust for each other is undeniable.
As the two find themselves battling their uncontrollable attraction, they are forced to fight a drug lord intent on fixing the race—even if it means taking Amy and her crew out of the running permanently.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 5.00