Seth, a Fallen, has spent the last eternity working. That his boss is The Angel of Death makes for a rather lonely existence for one who actually seeks redemption and a return to Heaven. Especially since he Fell thanks to a succubus..

Lyndi Garrison is a rising artist, with a naughty mouth, a crotchety car, and definite shadows in her past. Armed-and-dangerous-woman or not, however, there's something missing in her life. a hole filled when a dark stranger enters her life.

Evans's "Tempted", was for me a nice, quick read. The heat was divine and more than hot enough for avid eros readers, and the main characters were well engaged and sympathetic, through pain or pleasure. The only things I would change would be for Ms. Evans to create more dimensional secondary characters and `getting to know you' moments between all characters. But overall, this was definitely an enjoyable read, worth 1-2 hours of my time, alone on a chaise (or better yet, with company), and waiting for the drinks to be done. In fact, I think I need to grab something ice cold right now.. Happy Readings!

Book Blurb for Tempted

The only thing standing between this fallen angel and redemption? The woman he loves.

Eons ago, Seth fell for another angel--literally--and was cast down from the Heavens. Seeking redemption, he works for the Angels of Death, taking the lives of those destined to die, his only desire to return home. But everything changes when a beautiful brunette explodes into his life and plunges his ordered world into chaos, tempting him with something he hasn't experienced in millennia. Love.

A busted radiator strands Lyndi Garrison on a deserted stretch of coastal Maine and shoves her directly into the path of a sexual predator. She fends off her attacker until an NFL-sized stranger appears from the darkness to help. She's instantly enamored of her quiet hero, and before the evening ends, they share a devastating kiss and a knock-out round of sex unlike anything she's ever known. Though she can't help but wonder...

Has she finally received a second chance at happiness? Or is Fate being a bitch again?

Note: This book was previously released by another publisher under the title Fallen.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.75