Soul In His Eyes

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Soul In His Eyes

“Soul In His Eyes” takes us through nearly a year of the growing romance between Erik and Christine (curiously, the name of our author as well…). To the tone of a patient, authentically Brit-Scot prose piece, their tale unfolds through 300+ pages, and across at least three countries. While at times a bit too heavy in a classical style of conversation (think a Regency Romance’s style of elegant conversation, yet set in the 20th Century), the story remains, always, a tender and provoking tale of courage, loss, love, and adventure; a great mix for any genre.
While not a story that one can page through all in one sitting, and surely not a novel that could be termed Erotica by any stretch, it is in truth the meaning of what we as ‘literatae’ meant when we coined the term “a Romance”. Ms. London not only involves you in the lives of her primary and secondary characters, but you get the feeling that everyone’s souls are very much influential and integral to the happy joining of the other characters; that no one could honestly be left out and still make this book the gift it is. The main detractor lies in “Soul’s” heavy use of effusive euphemisms and dream-like descriptions of the main character’s feelings- especially during the drawn out, yet vague love scenes- and the environment/attractions around them. Though it does make you yearn to travel a bit, simply from the lyrical way in which everything is recreated, it also slows the book down quite a bit, as well. Overall, this is a book well worth trying, especially for those lazy snatches of time. “Soul In His Eyes” reads as a very possible, ‘Kismet’ romance for the Hopeful in us all.

Book Blurb for Soul In His Eyes

333 pages

Christine Rose lives an ideal life in a beach suburb of Los Angeles with her husband, Leo. Whilst on summer break from her teaching responsibilities, Christine sees Hollywood's rendition of her favorite gothic romantic musical, featuring a mysteriously magnetic actor with haunting, haunted eyes. Will his response to her letter help her cope with the tragedy that rips her world apart? Fascinated by her acuity and racked with the lonely isolation of fame, Erik pursues the Californian woman through an affair of words. He is as determined to open Christine's heart as she is to save him from his self-imposed solitude. But before they can dream of what lies in the future, they must come to grips with their pasts, as well as the myriad of obstacles fate and fame place in their way. Set in Los Angeles, Iceland, London, and Scotland this globetrotting novel visits the disparate worlds of quiet family life and the lightening paced celebrity of moviemaking. It interweaves two life stories, unfolding half a world apart, in a novel of courage, strength and love. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00