Light and Shadows, #1

Firstly, why can’t all first novels be like this? “Samirah” by authoress Grace Roselynn happily surprised and delighted me from start to finish. Though a short novel and not as wordy as some that describe every moment of the protagonists’ time together in detail, I found myself enjoying Amal and Shailyn as interesting, complex characters for themselves as well. Not only was their relationship built gradually and in a very sweet way, almost like Cinderella but for both instead, i.e. a blessing and gift for both the prince and damsel. No, we also had a very lush and interesting backdrop, from the almost Arabian culture of their land, Samirah, to the curious abilities of those in the royal family. With this story, you get the gamut of love, betrayal, violence, humor, magic, and adventure with a very light (only at the beginning) BDSM thrown in (Shailyn is a slave when first we meet her, after all). Not unlike the feel you get from a simple, dramatic, yet well-done period movie such as “Farewell, My Queen” with a MUCH more positive resolution.

Though I really enjoyed this book, there were some areas that could have been a bit more developed. The shift from Shailyn to Amal’s point of view in the writing was a nice touch for this, though it could also make the chapters end somewhat abruptly, especially at the very end. And while I love a good sensual romance as this one is, I would have loved to be a bug on the wall for more conversations between our heroes so that I could grasp not only their feelings, but the actual words and situations that helped develop those true feelings. However, for a rookie novel that only took about two hours to read, with a HEA/HFN ending (depending on your perception), I was well satisfied and titillated! Sign me up for their next adventure, and keep up the good work Mrs. Roselynn!

Book Blurb for Samirah

Shailyn, a samirah (boudoir slave), thought only death awaited her when she was captured four years ago. After being traded and sold across the continent, she was purchased by the golden palace of Navrien. Love, hope, and possibilities come crashing back into her life when she encounters a stunningly handsome man who is said to have been gifted powers by the gods.

Prince Amal is still dealing with the sudden death of his betrothed when he is given Shailyn. While discovering more about her, an old threat creeps out of the shadows and threatens all he holds dear. He must now choose to allow himself to be healed by this mysterious woman or let history repeat itself.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes a HFN ending. 155 pp.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00