Presumed Guilty

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Presumed Guilty

`"Presumed Guilty" is a big read at nearly 400 pages, but is full of the twists and turns and drama and sex that make a novel worth reading! The skeletons in the backseat don't hurt either (hint hint). Robin and Nick, our two protagonists, are sassy and fun together, though it was somewhat like the tale of the Frog Prince considering how vastly different they were in the looks department, and with her being something of a `princess' to begin with. Robin was smart and empathetic, and typically a logical thought-persona. She also had a rather mercurial personality what with all of the problems that seemed to pile around her, which made her more real somehow. Nick on the other hand, was a very physical, action kind of guy who, in his less short-circuited moments (it seems brain cells fry exponentially in the presence of stacked, former math teachers, good to know) was a charming behemoth with a mile-wide protective streak such as any good cop should have, a sex drive to rival Eros, and the light, sometimes adolescent humor that Robin came to depend on throughout the story. A guy that makes you laugh or want to kiss him even when you're at wits end is definitely a diamond in the rough, after all.

So the "Good": 1) The sex is frequent, hot, but not overly explicit, though somewhat unorthodox. The building of feeling is apparent from even the first time they are together. And though I think "love" is what they are growing, it'll take time for them to be in a strong, ever-lasting love out of the seeds we see sown and growing in "Presumed". And 2) The story flows well, never giving the ending away, nor the culprit up until the last moments. I love a book that keeps me guessing without being a strict crime drama, nor the typical boy meets girl since typically everyone is drop dead gorgeous all the time in those. Here, our senior (and amateur) detectives sweat, meet dead ends, have annoying little brothers, swim like an Olympic star, and garden like Martha Stewart. How far from commonplace can all of that be, I ask?

The "Not-So-Good": 1) It really was a long book, that in actuality only covered about five to six days in the characters' lives at most. And 2) though the characters were nicely developed, I could see the weaknesses in some (like Robyn's past self-involvement and Nick's issues with guilt and `never measuring up'). Both of them had a lot of issues- ego and otherwise- that they're going to have to work out in future, which I'm sure they can and will. On the other hand, the addition of these flaws made me feel like I knew the main characters amazingly well as humans, not just fictitious beings, which, depending on your preference, could be a plus or minus.

My final recommendation? This is a great book if you want a softly-handled-yet-deep romance, and a great deal of spy-chasing-for-justice action. Just remember, if you don't have time to read it in one sitting, or are not one to come back to a book, this may not be for you, ONLY due to time constraints. For me, this was well worth the read!

Book Blurb for Presumed Guilty

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Fifteen months of harassment by the police and tabloids nearly bring trophy wife Robin Lamy to her knees. As the prime suspect in the presumed murder of her missing husband, she fights the terror of life imprisonment, and leaving her ailing mother alone and broke. Still, Robin would rather kiss a snake than cooperate with the Kansas City PD.

Maverick homicide Detective Nick Ketchum doesn't take Robin's hostility personally. He knows the circumstantial evidence against her is lame. Worse, the chemistry building between them signals trouble.

Battling the sizzle, Nick gains Robin's trust. Robin quickly realizes the value of having a cop on her side. Maybe in her bed as well. But will working with Nick bring Robin closer to the truth? Or just closer to danger?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25