Lucifer's Daughter

Princess of Hell series, #1

A quickie with a heart, heat,… and a wickedly skewed religious mythos.

Satana Muriel Baphomet is just a normal girl. She’s got the overbearing dad, the popular older sister, and a song in her heart. Does it really matter if that father is Satan, the sister is the leading succubus in Hell and Earth, and the only song she has is her dream of bringing karaoke to her bar for supernaturals? Yep, Muriel is just your ordinary, pink-loving, Princess of Hell. Add to the mix a very mysterious man with ‘good-boy-gone-bad’ stamped across his delicious everything, a plethora of assassin demons, and a shadowy ‘coup’ that brings the Legions of Hell to arms, and ‘normal’ or not, life can get complicated.

This book definitely fits right in as my romantic-comedy fix of the week. The concepts were fresh and witty, especially the commentary on expectations in Heaven and Hell. And the main characters, at least, were endearing, especially Muriel, with her sarcastic, girly-badass attitude. Both her and Auric’s ‘voices’ throughout are spot on and just right for both their ages and experience, and the love scenes are really hot, though not overly adventurous. However, the main detractors to this being a truly great read lay in the lack of development of Ms. Langlais’s secondary characters (outside of Hades himself, a hoot) and the brevity of descriptions for some of the major changes in the book. And though novel in its explicit descriptions of masturbation, the two scenes of such were somewhat skipable, with said space being better served in helping along the secondary story development. Overall, a good book for just under two hours length, with a very interesting, sequel-hinting ending. 

Book Blurb for Lucifer's Daughter

It drives my dad nuts I’m such a goody two shoes, but the fact that I’m a virgin makes smoke pour from his ears. See, I’m determined to save myself for love, but daddy dear, more commonly known as Lucifer, just wants me to stop being an embarrassment. Would it kill you to sin a little?

Maybe he’ll get his wish because I met an intriguing hunk last night in my bar. Could he be the one? He certainly melts my panties like marshmallows over the coals of Hell, but do I dare trust him? My last boyfriend thought he’d gain infamy by killing me. He’s infamous all right. Dad had him mounted on a wall, his version of modern art titled, ‘Touch my baby girl and die’. Cute in a twisted way.

My love life isn’t the only thing I've got to worry about. There’s someone threatening the denizens of Hell, and while my daddy says to not worry my pretty little head about it, I an involved because whoever is behind the attacks keeps coming after me.

Bring it. I’m not afraid. Being a princess of Hell means that sometimes I have to grab a demon by the horns and slap it around. It’s what keeps my ass looking great.

Nothing in my life is ever simple, and I blame that on my dad, Lucifer. Assassination attempts, hellhounds, and a rebellion in Hell? A piece of cake compared to the turmoil in my heart. No one ever told me love would be the toughest battle of all.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75