Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word

Letter Word, #2

"Kiss Is A Four Letter Word" was, in a word, unexpected. Unlike a typical romance where boy(s) meet girl, boy pursues girl, small fuss, and then girl gets boy(s), this is a study in patience and sensual teasing. Sherry is a very curious (see: horny), sassy, yet somehow innocent young woman that finds what she'd been looking for in the sexy and conflicted Eli and Simon. She does not, however, immediately run into their arms- to stay at least-, but insists on being the world's most teasing kitten for at least half of the book, and being their very earnest love for the other half. For their part, though I did feel that both Eli and Simon were drawn as a bit older than their actions spoke to, and as a result, they were somewhat more distant to me as the reader. I did like them both, but I especially had an inclination for the ever thoughtful Eli (but then again, I did always like the strong, dark, silent type best).

The story is short, but will keep you on your toes as it is a constant adventure in getting these three that are meant for each other TOGETHER. From nosy journalists to well-meaning friends, the heroes have to overcome quite a few stumbling blocks before story end. But I must say, the way the author handled the evolution of the relationship with the guys, and the mischievous yet guilty conscience of the heroine was done well if, at times, rushed. This is a book that will keep you wondering and is a nice, lighter step outside the norm for the avid romance reader. My advice: This'd probably be the perfect thing for a short, slightly naughty beach read before the end of the summer. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Kiss Is A Four-Letter Word

What if you met your soul-mates after you crashed your bicycle? Would you recognize them?

For Sherry, the two men who come to her rescue are gorgeous, fun, and delicious to kiss. She forgets all about them until they meet again at a charity-kissing booth. Is it fate? Destiny? Who cares? Eli and Simon are rich, handsome, and eligible. Kissing them is awesome. Watching them kiss each other is even better, but Sherry knows not to take her infatuation too seriously.

However, when she encounters them for a third time at a deserted highway rest stop, the kisses they share leave her breathless and yearning for more. Something is different. Her lust for their lips might be turning into a desire for love and happily ever after, but her secrets may spell disaster. Can Eli and Simon heal her wounded heart? Will they kiss her qualms away?

Word Count: 40,600

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.00