Half Hearts

Well! I must say that this was a surprising and enjoyable read from a talented, new author. "Half Hearts" revolved around the past-present relationship between the three protagonists, Charlie, our heroine, and her cowboys, Trevor and Kegan, as they work to save their new `created family'. I admit, I stayed up all nite reading it and wishing I had a `friend' to share some of its naughty scenes with, as well as one to call at 2am to discuss social welfare. In other words, this is not a book for the mindless. The best things: The characters are very human, and their hang-ups are well explained by their backgrounds, for the most part. The violence is gritty and not sugar-coated, but is handled remarkably well throughout, even through shifting first-person perspectives. And as I said, the sex was great and just this side of S&M with so many arrogant, bossy men-folk around (though Charlie can hold her own, too). I also liked how Mrs. Desbois examined male love, in the non-sexual sense, as not a stigma but a natural reaction, which was refreshing in a menage novel.

There were, overall, only a few things that could have been handled better in this story. There were a few plot-driving `coincidences' in the story; for example, Trevor's parents' scene seemed thrown in to express societal opinion, not act as revelatory. And I would have liked a little more character development of secondary characters, and even Trevor; he's the oddest hunk-of-duckling in the book, yet I felt that only Charlie and Kegan, because of their past relationship, really get any relate-able exposure. Besides these, nothing a bit more grammatical editing wouldn't hurt. So if you're in the mood for some involving erotica with a Western/drama/taboo-twist, I would definitely recommend "Half Hearts" by Sherri Desbois.

Book Blurb for Half Hearts

A promise broken - Losing her family at a young age, and then broken promises from the man she’d loved all her life, Charlie McCarty rarely allows anyone to get close to her. Resolved to live her life without love and determined to become a top-notch Veterinarian, she begins her residency in Redfield. Fate, however, has a way of stepping in to change even the most obstinate set plans and forces Charlie to face her past, push the boundaries of her control and her heart to the brink of destruction.

A passion fueled desire - It started out as a celebration, a chance for Charlie to let her hair down and just let go of her firm control for just one evening, but meeting a sexy as hell cowboy—and his familiar best friend—ambush everything. With relentless determination, both cowboys set out to show her that she is everything they want to complete their lives. Charlie begins to dream, once again, for the future she thought lost to her years ago.

A Journey of the Heart - When a terrifying figure from the past steps into their fragile romance, is their love enough to overcome the horror about to be unleashed or will it leave them with hearts broken in half?

Contains: Multiple partners (M/M/F), anal play, light bondage | Warning: Violence, some brutality and near rape at the hands of a madman. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50