Ever Together

"Ever Together" is essentially a feel good romance, with an almost child-like heart at its core. The story revolves around Katy, a rare young woman, who has the gift of loving others and a huge, rambling old house in which to do so, and Caleb, the severely harassed, yet kind-hearted, A-List actor, who is lonely for something only she can fill. If you like traditional romance movies where there are “meet-cutes” rather than staged or overly dramatic ‘hook-ups’, this is definitely a story for you. Instead of being JUST a sex-symbol, Caleb is down-to-earth, a bit melodramatic, and adorably dorky (though only around Katy). Likewise, Katy starts to honestly fall for a guy, allowing him to see her insecurities, and even letting out her temper when she is sad or feels he is threatened, while never neglecting who she herself is. As only a blush-level romance, I found it amazing the innocent fun and connection with the characters, finding myself loving their quirks, from start to finish, even down to the all-essential secondary characters.

There were any number of things I loved about this book, not least the fact that the main couple were not the normal fall-into-lust-then-love romance I see so often. Instead, this couple is perfect together because- through humor, honesty, temper, and compromise- they create a real relationship, where they are each other’s best friend AND tender lover. Who wouldn’t fall for a guy who indulges your kookie roommate’s creative endeavors, learned how to bake just to make your favorite cookies, would go through heck or high water to protect you, and looked like a million bucks in JUST some tight black jeans? For that matter, who wouldn’t fall for a cute girl that extends a hand to total strangers, drinks a mean (and somehow sensual) chocolate shake, can pitch AND bat like a pro, and- whether saucy or innocent- shows she loves you with everything in her? My point exactly. In fact, the only real detraction I could find lay in the ending’s ‘villian’. Honestly, the villain seemed to come out of nowhere and so rather jarred the story for me. It also spoke to the limited amount of time that our characters had actually known each other, which made me a bit nervous about the length of their relationship. However, the entire story IS a somewhat idealized version of a romance. I thought that the author did a great job, in fact, of lightly noting this running theme, and intentionally including scenes where the characters’ pure feelings and actions are contrasted with a gritty reality or modern take on sexuality and romance, especially seen in instances where his work gets in the way. These are just some of the marks of a thoughtful writer, and a talented one, whatever else may come. My suggestion: this is a great book for the pure, young romantic in everyone, and was an indulgence worth taking in today’s saturated “romance” genre.

Book Blurb for Ever Together

Convenience store clerk, Katy Simms has got to be the only woman in North America who hasn't heard of megastar Derrick Nelson, which makes her boarding house the perfect place for him to recover from a nervous breakdown. When he stumbles into her life one summer night, all Katy sees is a unemployed drifter named Caleb who needs a couple of decent meals and some human compassion. Her presence calms his soul, while his patience lifts her confidence.

Together, they are more, but will Caleb's fame and Katy's generous nature drive a wedge between two people who were meant to be...ever together?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00