Emerald D.A.R.E.

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Emerald D.A.R.E.

D.A.R.E. Project # 3

"Emerald D.A.R.E" is the story of Emerald, a green-eyed D.A.R.E. agent, tasked with extracting humans that were sent to other dimensions back to Earth, in order to heal the dimensional rifts their passing caused. On one such journey, she meets her mate, Aegon, and finally dreams of escaping the lab she and her sisters are leashed to. That is, basically, our tale in a nut shell. For a short story, and as strictly a fantasy, I enjoyed "Emerald D.A.R.E." quite well. As an engrossing, paranormal romance? Not so much (there is, literally, one real kiss throughout the entire book). The idea of a secret lab, captive dragon `swans' that can cross dimensions, and the attractive dragon mates, however, is very interesting, yet the length and breadth of each gem's story is so short as to not allow for true immersion before page end.

The characters I did enjoy quite well, with Emerald as a strong-willed but good-hearted young woman, and her mother Eiwyn as patient yet humorous. But the spark of chemistry between Aegon and Emerald was simply that, a spark, as we never have the time to know who Aegon really is throughout. As a pragmatic-romantic, I really couldn't see love just yet between the two. though they had potential. All in all, authors Tianna Xander and Viola Grace have created a concept that would be a very worthy book to add to any library case, IF this and the previous two tales of Ruby and Topaz were viewed as prequels. And that the next- or almost next- story collects into one final, large novel the story of most of the dragon-daughters being freed, mated, and action-ensuing. Otherwise, it would be a waste of a great plot and talented writers,. but that's just my advice. Overall, 3.25/5.0 with crossed fingers.

Book Blurb for Emerald D.A.R.E.

Raised for one purpose, Emerald is pulled between two facts. One, she doesn’t want to live in a lab forever, and two, her sisters are disappearing into the dimensions they have worked in. When she meets two males of her kind, she has to make a choice and doesn’t even hesitate. She picks the one who doesn’t make her skin crawl.

Aegon is a silver dragon with the patience and creative intelligence of his kind. He is delighted that his random sweep yielded one of the dragonettes that he has heard so much about and he will do whatever she needs him to do keep her happy and with him at all times. He has to release her to win her, a conflict he has to wrestle with while she returns to the lab. A life together glows before him, but when will she call him so they can begin it?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.25