Blind Date

"Blind Date" by Veronica Tower is. well, quite unlike any book I've ever read. The original synopsis was rather fun and light, but was, in actuality, nothing like the true attitude of this novel. Yes, Chris and Merci meet on a blind date. Yes, they do hit it off to the upset of some. But after the first forty pages or so, this `erotic romance' may only be called a `sex story', ala the inventive and non-monogamous tales found on some author web blogs or public, 18-and-older web sites. In other words, pure pinch-and-tickle with the barest plot moving things along.

Although the writer does show some talent, it is the characters who are, perhaps, the weakest link for this tale. Merci, our "heroine", is beautiful, black and stacked. Chris is Norse blond, supposedly well-off (though exactly when he works is a mystery), and hung like a horse-bull combined. And Liv is the svelte red-head with the vindictive attitude and best-girl-fetish-though-otherwise-straight tendency. The author seems to try to fit a physical fantasy into each character, specifically to draw readers into relating or dreaming along. And while it didn't work (at least for this reader), kudos for the effort. Besides this, Ms. Tower uses a shifting point-of-view by which to tell the story. While an indication of an author's range and well-chosen in some novels, exercised here, it really only adds to the detachment one feels for the characters. Example: I don't want to know when our hero thinks "I love, Merci" one minute, while in the next he's, um, "intimate" (to put it mildly) with someone(s) else, coerced or not!

So, the good news: if you are looking to live vicariously and experience several sexual situations without leaving the comfort of your room, this might be the book for you. If you are also of a scientific bent and wish to analyze a sexually hot, but scientifically improbable feat, this might also be your cup of tea. For everyone else, if you are looking for 1. A romance (i.e. love, not lust), 2. A strong heroine, 3. A strong, HONEST hero, or 4. Suspenseful plot or character development, this is NOT the book for you. Whatever your decision, fly or buy, you have been warned.

Book Blurb for Blind Date

It was supposed to be a simple blind date. No one expected or even wanted it to become more than that. Chris was looking for a fun evening and a quick score. Merci was reluctantly doing a favor for an old friend.

No one expected them to actually hit it off and start dating for real. And at least one person is determined to make sure they don’t have a happy ending… 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 2.25