A Foreknown Love

[The Wiccan Sisters]

“A Foreknown Love” revolves around Juliet Wiccan, a real life witch, and Sir Anthony Treyworth, newly seated Earl of Prembrooke, in their joint quest for a killer that somehow manages to steal both the hearts and lungs from his female victims all over the city. Juliet is a child of Sight that is currently running away from her Gift thanks to a death on her conscience, and Anthony is faced with a difficult life change when he first meets the lovely and frightened Miss Wiccan. These two destined lovers find each other again and again throughout the pages, as images from their past lives become clearer.

As for review, I will say this book kept my attention, though I would have to describe it as more a light bit of fluff of Regency Romance, set amidst a gentle history lesson. The characters are interesting (read: ridiculously beautiful!), there is just enough back story as to give most of the characters some depth, and the hi-jinx that are gotten up to are all in good fun. The story is written in first person, interspersed with past and present journal entries from Juliet, which is a novel and well done approach, at least for this sample of Mrs. Kelly’s work. And though I didn’t fall into full-on love with the characters- which I usually prefer- the heat was palpable between our main leads throughout the entire novel. That it concluded without a true ‘deflowering’ was both a surprise and a nice change. There were, however, a few big questions this book left me with, which was the main reason for my rating. The biggest of which being: How do elementary school-age orphans in 19th Century Britain somehow know about all of these Old English and Egyptian mystic rites?!? (Besides that, why do the protagonists keep meeting over crime scenes? And who is Cleo, really? And… you get the picture).

The ending is a happily ever after, of course… with the possibility of future tales (so maybe some answered questions). All in all, I found it sort of like eating a marshmallow: it is fluffy and good, but gone so quickly your feel you now need a Moon Pie to make up for it. So while I think this author does have talent and I love the amount of research and mystic puzzles she puts into her writing, I’d recommend this title for a lighter, perhaps beginner, adult romance reader, as it is definitely not intended for the veterans. Keep up the good work!

Book Blurb for A Foreknown Love

Fantasy Faery Rosebud

Rating: Spicy

Page Count: 168

Abandoned on the steps of St. Mary's Orphanage, seven ordinary girls discover they possess extraordinary powers…

Coping with a terrible tragedy, Juliet Wiccan—a witch born with the power of premonition and visions—flees London for the countryside determined to start over.

Anthony Treyworth, sixth Earl of Prembrooke, misses his days in the military as a spy. So when Scotland Yard needs his expertise to solve a baffling mystery, Anthony immediately accepts.

But time is running out, and to find a diabolical killer Anthony must go to the only woman who can help, Juliet Wiccan.

Helping the handsome earl doesn't fit into Juliet's plans for a new life, yet when his fiery kisses invoke a passion deep inside her, one too powerful to deny, how can she refuse?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.00