"Wrath" was written by an author I have read from before. She writes easy going stories with lots of nice looking alpha men who get locked on to beautiful women. This story is no different than her other stories in that it included a gorgeous hunk of a man with a beautiful woman but where was the story! This was like a long epilogue to the first book that involved the same characters, Lila and Wrath. The author conveys at the beginning of the story it would be best to read the first story prior to this story to understand all the stress the two characters carry around as emotional baggage. I have to say I kept reading this book to discover if something was going to happen. I thought the story had a big chunk missing.

I liked Wrath and Lila as a couple. I vaguely remember the first story. Lila and Wrath have history together as Lila’s brother was his best friend. Wrath was always her hero except when things got really bad in the last story and he blamed himself. Well this story some truths come out they feel about each. There was some sexy build-up written into the story prior to moment when things got a wild. The story continues on for a while with the back and forth between Wrath and Lila but that was about it.

I am giving the story 3 stars. I expected more since I had read the first book and liked it a lot.

Book Blurb for Wrath

When the strongest fall, they fall hard...

Wrath has run the streets for so long it’s become ingrained in him. Now he’s at the top, ruling over his underground empire, and he’s never looked back. But the one person who can bring him to his knees is the one person he let down, the one person he knows he can’t have—Lila.

Lila loves Wrath, but circumstances in life weren’t in their favor, and they could never be together. Now a single mother, Lila’s past is behind her and the father of her baby out of her life, and she wants nothing more than to be with Wrath.

There’s no denying they are meant to be together. It goes down to the very marrow. But can these two damaged souls realize the only light they’ll find in their darkness is with each other?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2017 3.00