Wear Your Heart on Your Skin

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Wear Your Heart on Your Skin

Romance on the Go

I just finished reading a quick read named, “Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve” written by LA Marlowe. I chose this book for the sweet title and fascinating cover. I am not sure if I would have chose it if I realized it was such a short, short story!!! I felt like it was beginning to a good romance story and was totally shocked when the story just ended. I think even for novella there should have been some meat to the story! Ian and Cassandra were a good pair and it was nice that they found peace with each other in a world that is sometimes dark and frustrating to say the least. It’s definitely true for these two characters who go through some hard times by themselves only to realize there is a rainbow out there somewhere beyond the horizon.

Since the story was so simple and short there were only two characters. I liked both of them. The first being Cassandra who comes back to her father who lost his soul many years before and a dark house that is too quiet for words from what I was reading. The other character that seemed to spice things up in this story was Ian. Who could not love Ian?! He seemed to be a wonderful listener who seemed to have his own dark tails to tell. Loved the scene where was drawing a tattoo on to Cassandra! Very sensual, playful, and sexy.

All in all, I think this would be a good beginning to another story that goes into more depth about what chased Cassandra away from the small town or more details between the two characters to create some sort of climax. I enjoyed this book for what it was and I’m giving it 3.5 stars. I will be checking out L A Marlowe in the future for another story!!!!

Book Blurb for Wear Your Heart on Your Skin

The morning after her younger sister’s funeral, Cassandra McKellan packed her bags and crossed the state line before noon. Six years and an ailing father later, she finds herself back in the small town she grew up in. Everyone calls it a homecoming, but the word home doesn’t hold much meaning for her anymore.

There aren’t many things she missed about the place—not the way no one knows how to mind their own business, not the lack of restaurants that provide delivery, or the empty, dark house that she’s now stuck with. It only takes a chance encounter with Ian Walker in the town’s podunk excuse for a grocery store for her to realize maybe there is a thing or two that she's been missing.

Over the course of one night, she discovers those things are home after all.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50