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An inCapable World Novel Book 2

Beth and Damien are a good character combination for this story. It is like they were soul mates!!! Beth is a tough cookie, ready to party but thinking maybe she should reevaluate her priorities!!! She loves her aunt Mona and all that is Mona!!! Mona is also Beth’s boss of a local bar. To say it simply this is a mafia story at heart. It seemed that Beth was aware of somethings that went on in the family and definitely not aware of other things that were going on in tough little family! When I say, tough I mean tough! Like watch your step, “tough”.

Damien comes into the picture as Beth’s angel, who always thought she was beautiful even as a teenager. Who knew? He was there for Beth in a time of need when people when getting seriously hurt or worse and secrets were coming to head! He was able to protect her in a way you wouldn’t expect! He had his own life complications and it involved Beth’s more than she realized but will find out soon enough. Damien has own crazy part in this story. Lots of connections!

I thought the other characters were too!!!! Mona being awesome in all toughness!! Mona had a heart of gold that would fiercely protect the one’s she loved. She did not hesitate to protect poor Evie in the bar!!!! It was interesting how different parts of Mona came to light as the story progressed!!! Perhaps, she was an angel for Beth. She knew Damien was the one for Beth but how?!

There some good action scenes! A bit confusing but definitely added to the climax of the story! Like the world wind scene with Mickey! Crazy stuff!

I liked that the story took off from page one! Right away, I was learning about all the characters and some of their connections to each other and it didn’t take long for all the drama to start!!!

I am giving this story 4 stars. I liked lots of different parts of the story!

Book Blurb for unForgivable

From international bestselling author, Sara Hubbard, comes a contemporary novel about the choices and consequences of a young woman in a cruel city.

Beth is a twenty-four-year old woman raised by the mob. She’s never gotten herself into a situation her family couldn’t drag her out. So when those closest to her wind up dead or missing in action she’s left to her own devices, and she quickly realizes how hard it is to survive on her own.

Damien is a corpsman coming home from war with the hopes of starting over. He knows what he wants and he’s accustomed to getting it. So when he finds himself falling for a girl stumbling through life—like he once did—he’s determined to help her, whether she wants help or not.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00