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The Wildwood Series

"Torch" is a fun, light-hearted story to be read pretty much in one sitting. The author made it easy to dive right into the story with awesome characters. The story was easy to understand and follow from the beginning to end. I wanted to read more about who was causing all the trouble with the fires that were occurring in the story that kept all the firemen busy. The characters were well developed and written nicely into the story. I was definitely hopeful that the two main characters would finally give each other a chance and find mad passionate love! I liked that Wren and Tate were part of a close-knit community despite all the tourists.

The story takes place in the local bar where Wren is trying to drink her troubles away. Alone!!!! That is until Tate one of local fireman shows up to interrupt her pity party. He wants to know what is bothering her just like the bartender did. If she tells them what is wrong then it will get back to her friends and family! Wren definitely doesn’t want her overprotective brothers to find out what is wrong who are also with her best friends. She is just feeling stuck in the small community. Wondering whether she should move away to be on her own. Wren is also bummed that her friends and family are finding love and she is not! That is until Tate comes to the rescue after a horrible incident leaving her homeless.

Wren and Tate spend some time getting to know each other and eventually have crazy monkey sex! Some people are all for Wren and Tate getting together and some are definitely not. Either way, Wren and Tate get past the name-calling and the snippy remarks towards each other.

I felt that the climax to the story was good throughout the story, until the end. It was like the story was not complete. Who was starting all the fires? I am rating this book with 4 stars for a blend of great characters and a good story.

Book Blurb for Torch

Tate Warren has never met a woman he couldn’t charm—until now.

Wren Gallagher won’t give him the time of day and it’s making him crazy.

But he won’t give up without a fight… because there’s one thing he knows for sure:

Enemies make the best lovers.

Most women swoon over Tate’s devilish grin and firefighter uniform. But Wren couldn’t be less impressed by his good looks and flirtatious banter—in fact, she seems to downright despise him. She thinks he’s a player, but his attraction to her is no game. Wren is unlike anyone he’s ever known and he isn’t about to let the feisty, gorgeous woman slip through his fingers. 

Wooing Wren would be so much easier if she didn’t hate him…

Or does she?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00