The Atlantean Birthright

The Eternal Love of the Seekers, #1

I think this is the 2nd book I have read from Toya Richardson. I feel like she writes a story that you want to spend quality time getting to know the characters in the story! Get a feel for the setting! Generally getting sucked into the atmosphere and drama of the story! The story I just read by this author is called, “The Atlantean Birthright”. Right off the bat, I was intrigued by the title of the story and the cover of the book is beautiful!!! Growing up we were always told of tales of Atlantis!!! True or not they were stories that people have not forgotten! Ms. Richardson seemed to have expanded on some the theories of what could possibly have happened to Atlantis. She made think maybe there are true descendents of the very same era!!! I loved her twists and turns that happened through this story!! I greatly enjoyed how she threw some romance into the story!!

I think a great story was told with a character named, “Freya” in the lead! She lived a good portion of her life isolating herself from civilization all to protect her body, mind, and sole!! This is because she witnessed horrible things occur to people she loved and cared for! Then came along two wonderful characters named, Paul and Armand. These men were able to teach Freya many different things. Different kinds of love for one, trust, and loyalty for another. Armand was able to show Freya that there was more to life than just seeking revenge on others that did terrible things to her family.

I loved how the author was able to weave some fantasy into story! The story was slow at points but I think it just added to the essence of the story! I think the plot is very good. The story flowed really nicely and I am giving it 5 stars!! It will be interesting to read the next book!

Book Blurb for The Atlantean Birthright

Freya Anders is ready to kill Dieter Yong and nothing is going to stop her, because ten years ago he callously murdered her parents. She is immortal; a descendant from Atlantis with precious gifts. It was her powers the Atlanteans were after that fateful night.

Allowing her grief and rage to consume her, she falls into a trap set by Dieter. When sexy, charismatic, Armand De Silva comes to her rescue, she is livid. Is her fury because Dieter survived, or because of the way she’s drawn to this stunning Atlantean?

When their slow-burning desire for each other reaches boiling point, they must decide whether they have the strength to deal with their emotions and trust again. As Dieter launches his plan for revenge, can Freya find the courage to rescue Armand from certain death?

Reader Alert! When they make love, it is totally and utterly mind-blowing.

To My Readers: HI, being and avid reader myself I know how important it is to get the balance right, with a fast-paced thrill element as well as a slow build-up of sexual tension, climaxing in an explosive physical relationship. I’ve always written how I like to read, and I hope it’s what you’ll love too. So please, come and take a walk on the wild side with Freya and Armand and see where their journey takes them.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 5.00