Bleeding Mayhem MC Book 2

“Mayhem” can be categorized as a light, fun, sexy read that anyone would enjoy reading. It is the second story of the “Bleeding Mayhem, Inc” series and can definitely be read as a standalone, but the author has connected this book to the first book. The main character of the story is the vice president of the Bleeding Mayhem motorcycle club that has set his eyes on beautiful woman. A woman who goes by the name of Butters. She works in a rough environment and attracts the attention of a sexy biker with her bold attitude. Mayhem figures out what he needs to do to finally get Butters to agree to be with him.

Butters finds herself in a desperate situation to save herself and her troublesome brother from the mafia. Mayhem will become her knight and shining armor, if you can believe that! Mayhem offers to save her brother. Butters does not feel she has a choice not to accept all the help that Mayhem is offering to get Nate out of some deep trouble. So, Mayhem offers to pay a lot of money to mafia to save Nate in exchange for wild and off the charts sex with Butters for one week. Sounds pretty crazy!!!!!

The real excitement starts when Mayhem shows Butters how dominating he can be in the bedroom, on the couch, and against a wall! The descriptions of the intimate moments between Mayhem and Butters had me definitely blushing! Mayhem and Butters end up caring deeply for each other in a short period of time under odd circumstances.

It’s also gets exciting when Mayhem meets with the mob to settle the debt with his MC as backup. Of course, someone gets hurt and that leads the president of the club looking for revenge. The story ends with Fury the president taking what he hopes is leverage against the mafia. Will it work? Will he need it? Time will tell?

I liked this book for various reasons. It was easy to read for one. I liked the characters. The story seemed to flow for the most part until the end when Fury found his leverage against the mafia. The scenes were described well in that you could really visualize what was going on. Overall it’s believable. The author wrote a good plot that is mostly resolved by the end of the story. I gave this story four and half stars.

:) Donna

Book Blurb for Mayhem

The Bleeding Mayhem MC, where blood, violence, and being a badass alpha reign supreme.

Mayhem has always been used to getting what he wants. And when the one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day, he’s bastard enough to use her troubles to his advantage.

Butters can’t be bought, or she thought she couldn’t. When her brother owes dangerous men money, it seems her only way to help him is to take the twisted offer Mayhem presents.

Mayhem never said he was a good guy. If Butters wants to help her brother, Mayhem can help, but it’ll come with a price. All she has to do is be his for a week. But the more time he spends with her the more he wants her as more than a piece of ass. He wants her to see she belongs with him, and if that means taking out the men that are causing her and her brother problems, he has no issues bringing out his violent beast.

Be Warned: forced seduction, spanking, anal sex, rimming, food as sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 4.50