Forever Sixteen

The Haney Brother Series Book 1

Crazy!!!!! I thought “Forever Sixteen” was your typical young adult story where the girl meets the new boy and BAM instant sappy teenage love! I made an assumption about the story based on the title of the story and read it because J.S. Wilsoncroft writes awesome stories. She wrote an excellent story that had me reading page after page and finished the book before I knew it. She constantly had me wondering what was really going with this story. All the weird, spooky, and mysterious things started happening right before Breena’s 16th birthday. A day that is usually a turning point for most girls and proved to be a life altering change for her as well. It happens to be the same time that a “new kid” shows up in school and decides to attach himself to Breena.

She goes from being just Breena who loves the 50’s era of wearing poodle skirts and adoring Elvis to dating Dillon the new kid. Dillon also appears to love the 50’s era or does he. Again, the author kept me wonder what was going on from one page to the next. People were mysteriously getting hurt, Breena was physically changing, and Dillon couldn’t give Breena a straight answer throughout the story. Breena not starts to figure things out quickly but she needs something that only Dillon can help her with and Dillon is not quite ready. This story was getting stranger and more intriguing by the minute!!!!

Dillon ends up showing Breena a completely different existence than the one that she thought she knew. She also discovers some things that Dillon was not telling the truth about in regards to her past. Breena also discovers individuals she knew a long time ago that have more answers than Dillon was willing to share.

Breena is at odds with herself throughout this story like any teenager. This story was fun to read. I thought the flow of the story was awesome. Something was always happening. The characters fit really well into the story. The climax and/or conflict of the story kept me on my toes to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. The story was believable in an odd sort of way. Read to find out why I say, “odd”. I thought this story should get 5 stars as an awesome young adult book.

Book Blurb for Forever Sixteen

Breanna Luzier isn't your average teenager. She loves wearing poodle skirts, saddle shoes and listening to her old Elvis Presley records. On the week of her sixteenth birthday, strange things start to happen. Her hair grows remarkably fast, her skin turns pale white, but the strangest thing of all, is waking up and finding blood on her face and clothes.

When Dillon Haney walks into Breanna's school looking like James Dean's twin brother, complete with greased slicked back hair and vintage varsity jacket, she is immediately drawn to him.But there's something about this pale faced boy she can't shake. She knows she's seen him before, in another time and place.

Then things really get strange. People in town start mysteriously dying, and Breanna can't help but wonder if she has something to do with it.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 5.00