Breaking Mace

Hellhounds MC Book 2

Breaking Mace is the 2nd book in this series and should most definitely be read following the first book in my opinion. The story jumped right into a situation where the main character; Mace was rescuing what will soon be his mate named Echo. Mace is the president to the Hellhounds and a powerful werewolf who makes it his mission to protect his county from slavers. This story is set in a post-Apocalyptic Era, where everyday things are scarce and people are not safe to roam around freely but the Hellhounds try and protect the people in the county.

There is also a war going on in the Hellhounds club because the bikers of the club do not support Mace taking as his mate. Echo is an incubus who must have caused a lot trouble in the last story and most of the fellow bikers do not believe Mace should be president any longer. Mace believes some of the bikers are right that he should no longer be president as he puts Echo first in his life.

Mace and Echo try leaving the county for a while only to be brought back home to trouble and destruction lead by the infamous slavers. The slavers especially want someone like Echo because she is different. Mace ends up doing what he needs to do to protect the county for now but a man called the “Collector” is still out there.

I felt that the characters should have been built up more along with the story and conflict. In the end, I felt that there should have been more to this story. Some of the scenes were really good and some just not enough! I am giving this story 3.5 stars.

Book Blurb for Breaking Mace

Tough times need hard men, and Mace is the perfect tyrant for dystopian times. Werewolf alpha and president of the Hellhounds MC, he runs Wolf County with an iron fist. The penalty for breaking the law is death. But Mace shows unexpected mercy and becomes possessive over the incubus that did his people harm.

Echo hitchhiked his way across the apocalyptic-torn country, feeding on the lust and desperation of others. After Mace lets him go, Echo is captured by slavers, and returns to Wolf County by unexpected means. No matter what he does, Echo can’t seem to fill the vast emptiness inside him. What better way to go, than die at the feet of a dominant male capable of taming his troubled soul?

Echo’s pull on Mace is inevitable, but is their attraction real or manufactured?

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 3.50