Hitting The High Notes

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Hitting The High Notes

Maggie Duncan is a middle-aged woman who has never had any adventure in her life. So it comes as a surprise that when she finally let’s loose her life takes a whole new turn. It’s a good turn in a way for she meets Opera singer Lorenzo. At least she thinks he’s an opera singer for who else can act like a diva. Something about him though interests her especially when Detective Bruce Herring comes along. Now here is a detective who for the first time is making her feel like a woman. He doesn’t believe anything she says which just confuses her. An officer should trust a witness but he doesn’t act like one. Every time she thinks she’s on to Stavros he does something to make her go crazy. Who can she trust the detective or the Opera singer?

Nan D. Arnold is a woman with a creative imagination. At first I was confused about the identity of Stavros and then she did something to make it even crazier. The detective is hot and this story has you thinking cat and mouse. It could have had a bit more plot to round it all out, but overall very enjoyable.

Book Blurb for Hitting The High Notes

In this zany romp, widowed Maggie Duncan learns life is a song with the help of an AWOL opera star and color-blind cop. One captures her interest; the other her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.50