Gillian's Island

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Gillian's Island

Work, work makes Gillian Marlboro a dull and unadventurous sister. She loves life but Gillian has forgotten how to have fun. Her sister, Julie, keeps reminding her about the sad pathetic love life she has. Gillian is responsible, workaholic and meticulous when it comes to order in her life. Being stranded on an island a week before her sister’s wedding is not a good thing. Although having Jamie Foster is something good to have on the along. Hearing his voice to RSVP for the wedding excited her. Meeting him in person definitely makes her want to jump his bones. Something about him intrigues her and yet scares her. Gillian is afraid of what will happen once reality sets in and they go back to normal life. Can she just go back to being dull workaholic Gillian?

Jamie Foster knows he’s a geek and some women are not interested in his brain. Yet something about it attracts Gillian to him. Being best man to his best friend was the least he could do after all the fun he had in college. He never expected though that the upcoming wedding would bring in sunshine to his sad pathetic love life. It’s been a long time since he’s kissed a woman and something about Gillian just gets him going. Here is a woman who is so much like him they belong together. She excites him in a way no other woman has done. He knows it is fate when they get stranded but he is afraid of what will happen if they get rescued. Can he just go back to his old life and never feel love again?

Ah weddings they can sure bring a lot of things like happiness, new beginnings, and passion but can it bring two people together forever. Gillian and Jamie are so alike it is easy to see what the attraction is. Yet the passion is all there from their first meeting to their nights on the island together. Being maid of honor is an important job to Gillian yet the best man Jamie is sure tempting her like no other man has done. These two are great and man there is plenty of comedy between the bridesmaids and best man to make this book a hoot. 

Book Blurb for Gillian's Island

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, and a private cruise.  What could possibly go wrong?  How about a hurricane, one stranded yacht, a few useless, scantily clad bridesmaids and an equal number of horny groomsmen?

In the midst of it all, maid of honor, Gillian Marlboro, wonders if Jamie Foster could be not only the groom’s best man, but also the man for her.  Would the universe be so cruel as to hand her the perfect man and then let them both perish on an island that provides no fresh water and only Mother Nature’s aphrodisiacs for sustenance?


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75