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Fine Print

Kara Sorrento is heartbroken and is searching for a way to be happy again. Three years ago she lost her husband and any hope of having children. So now in an impulsive decision she is taking matters in her own hands. All she needs is one man to make all her dreams come true. A man who cannot get into her heart no matter how handsome, dark and seductive he is. Like Derek Martinez for instance. From afar he seemed the perfect gay guy and she had no reason to lose her heart to him. The thing is the more she is with him she is starting to wonder if he really is gay or just pretending with her. Derek is perfect from inside and out to his perfect teeth and great genes. He’s the ultimate sperm donor. Can she convince herself that Derek is not husband material but just a one night stand for her?

Derek Martinez has had many woman come on to him but Kara Sorrento’s come on is something he has never heard of before. Something about this woman enchants him in a way he has never felt before. She is beautiful, sexy and maybe a little bit crazy. He could have any woman he wants but knowing that Kara only wants one thing from him is tearing him apart. Just when he thinks he’s getting somewhere with her someone from her past comes back. Derek has never had to fight for a woman but he knows for a fact that Kara is worth fighting for. Can he prove to her that he can be more than a sperm donor to her?

Fine Print definitely is something that can be broken if it really matters. All Kara wants is a family but death took her husband and now she must find a different route. I liked that she has Derek but she has a surprise in store for her. Man Derek Martinez is one hot guy worth having even for a little fling. These two were great and man the passion between them is hotter than ever. Alana definitely has a hit with this one and I can’t wait for more from this talented author.

Book Blurb for Fine Print

Three years ago, Kara Sorrento’s husband died in the line of duty. The fact that they never started a family is the one thing she can’t lay to rest. Knowing that she can never love again, Kara decides to conceive a child in a more … non-traditional way. All she needs now is the ideal DNA, and she’s found it in Derek Martinez. Physically he’s a perfect specimen, but when he suggests changes to her artificial-insemination contract, he threatens to disrupt not only that plan, but Kara’s entire highly structured and ultra-organized world. Just as she opens her heart to Derek, a shocking blast from her past will make her question everything she once believed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50