Winter Break

A murder story depending on many tragedies.  I guess that I just missed something in this book.  It was not my favorite.

A college student, Didi Randall finds that her so-called life is in a shambles.  Her steady boyfriend, Drake, has become involved in a date rape that took place at a fellow students off-campus home.  The victim is described by the other students as "The most unattractive girl in school."  The boy who owns the home is also accused of raping another student, who was supposed to be his steady girlfriend and she ends up dead in her car, a suspected suicide.

Drake is trying to smooth things over with Didi and they decide to go on a Caribbean Cruise that is being sponsered by the college before the holidays are over and a new semester begins.  This will be their Winter Break and maybe they can get back the feelings that they lost after the two rapes.  The cruise is not a very happy time for the two and some other students.  Many ugly situations come to light involving the students and their friends.  Early one day DiDi wakes up on deck to learn that Drake is missing and everyone wonders whether it was suicide, just falling overboard or murder.

I reiterate that I must have missed something.  The characters jump from one disgusting problem to another.  People are hurt and unfortunately one of the students has a habit of torturing and killing baby animals.  This is listed as Romantic Suspense but I didn't find anything romantic about it and the suspense was sometimes really difficult to read.  I realize that this lady has written many book and I'm sure that there are readers out there that enjoy them.  But, unfortunately, I'm not one of them.  It's alright to use baseless sex and violence in a book about the mob or war and other hard subjects but, these are college students and I couldn't get around that fact. 

Good Luck to Ms. Perrin.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 2.50