Where Evil Waits

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Where Evil Waits

Mann Family

Where Evil Waits is a fascinating romantic suspense novel, a real page turner.

The leading lady in this story is Kara Chandler, a special prosecutor, who has jailed more than one violent criminal during her career. But, in this tale, she will come up against one of the most dangerous assassins in the world, putting her life in his hands.

Everyone that she turns to for help is being killed before they can do anything for her. This killer is a hunter and is hunting Kara and her son. She finally goes to Luke Varon, who is a hit man for a drug cartel for help. She and Luke met several times in a courtroom and he has always beaten the system and gotten away. He suggests that Kara fake her own death and Luke will help her catch the killer. Luke, however, is not who Kara thinks he is. He has a secret identity that can’t be found out or his life will not be worth anything. When he sees how scared Kara is he decides to help her. Luke knew Kara’s late husband, who was into some very shady deals and, Luke thinks that the killer has some sort of connection to her ex. Soon after figuring this out Luke and Kara find out the connection is with Kara and is even more frightening and that the killer has been waiting years to get to Kara leaving Luke only a few days to stop him.

This is a definite winner, taking the reader on a ride through suspense/thriller fiction. It is definitely a one day read.

Book Blurb for Where Evil Waits

Special Prosecutor Kara Chandler made a name for herself putting violent criminals behind bars. But now, she'll face one of the world's most dangerous assassins...and put her life in his hands.

A killer is hunting Kara Chandler and her son, and systematically taking out anyone she turns to for help. Her only hope for escape is Luke Varon, a hitman for a powerful drug cartel. She's met Luke several times in the courtroom but he's always beaten the system. She's counting on him to do the same now, as he helps Kara fake her death and catch a killer.

But Luke isn't who Kara thinks he is. He's actually a secret agent under deep cover. The last thing he needs is a beautiful distraction like Kara Chandler. But the fear in her eyes is too real to ignore.

Luke assumes the assassin is somehow linked to Kara's late husband, a man who had a hand in several shady business deals. But soon they learn his connection to Kara is even more chilling. This killer has been waiting years for his chance to possess Kara, and now Luke will have only days to stop him.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50