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A really good beach book but, even though it's a little too cold for the beach right now, just grab a chair and start reading.  You will enjoy it.

There are three heroines, whom you will certainly like along with a few villians whom you will really dislike and a lot of sex, lies and I don't know about the video tape.  The number one lovely is Madeleine Arsenault, who is returning home following her father's death to try and bring back the winery that her father nearly ruined.  She is determined to bottle the best champagne in France.  Number two, Kelly Elson's life is changing rapidly when she learns that her supposed birth father has passed and she might be the owner of a vineyard.  And, last but not least, number three, Christine Morgan, who is a supermodel and is out to prove that she is not all looks and no brains and with some help she wants to transform her ex-husband's hobby (drinking) into a major California vineyard.  These three women are competing to produce a famous sparkling wine and they are all willing to risk everything to win.  However, they all share a single enemy and he is about to light up the Vintners world with a major scandal.

This is a wonderful tale (ala Jackie Collins) about these three women who will do anything to secure their place in the wine making world.  Prepare yourselves for lust, love, hate and no morals whatsoever.  Enjoy!!

Book Blurb for Vintage


Madeleine Arsenault is returning home after her father's death-determined to prove that she can save her family's debt-ridden business and run the most prestigious champagne house in France..
Kelly Elson's life is about to change in ways the London hotel maid never imagined. Inheriting a vineyard is only the beginning of her thirst for success..


After her marriage to a Hollywood bad boy ends, supermodel Christina Morgan wants to prove she's more than a pretty face. That's why she's set her sights on transforming her ex-husband's California vineyard into a major player..

One sparkling prize
A ruthless takeover.a shattering family secret. a scandalous affair...Three women competing to produce the world's best sparkling wine and willing to risk everything to win, unaware that they share a single enemy: driven by a secret agenda, a powerful vintner is orchestrating a chilling revenge, igniting a scandal that could bring down them all.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50