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This was a very good story that will be dearly loved by sci-fi folks.

Right before a secret military operation is in the works there is an accident at a local Washington DC hospital. Before this happens however, there is an assassination attempt on the President of the United States as he is making a speech at the Lincoln Memorial. He is rushed to the hospital as a surgical team fights to save his life. While this is taking place, there is a freak accident in a lab that goes wrong. This is an experiment on a machine that can erase traumatic memories such as wartime caused PTSD. After this accident occurs there are some people in the hospital that were near the lab and the accident causes people to be able to access the memories of another person.

Most of the novel is about privacy laws and how much of a problem it would be if you know classified information (as the President is one of the individuals affected) and how would anyone cope with being privy to this information and also to other people’s thoughts.

The novel is certainly well written and understandable although a lot of technical things are talked about but are easily understood. It’s certainly an interesting concept. The characters are well-written and very humorous in some cases. The ending is difficult as it was very hard to understand as the rules changed very fast with very little explanation as to what was happening.

At the beginning, the reader knew what had happened but at the end it lost me.

Book Blurb for Triggers

On the eve of a secret military operation, an assassin's bullet strikes President Seth Jerrison. He is rushed to the hospital, where surgeons struggle to save his life.

At the same hospital, researcher Dr. Ranjip Singh is experimenting with a device that can erase traumatic memories.

Then a terrorist bomb detonates. In the operating room, the president suffers cardiac arrest. He has a near-death experience-but the memories that flash through Jerrison's mind are not his memories.

It quickly becomes clear that the electromagnetic pulse generated by the bomb amplified and scrambled Dr. Singh's equipment, allowing a random group of people to access one another's minds.

And now one of those people has access to the president's memories- including classified information regarding the upcoming military mission, which, if revealed, could cost countless lives. But the task of determining who has switched memories with whom is a daunting one- particularly when some of the people involved have reason to lie...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00